Jets’ Joe McKnight Trying to Lose the Label of Specialty Back

Jets’ Joe McKnight Trying to Lose the Label of Specialty Back

One thing is certain for the New York Jets offense, there is definitely a new sheriff in town and his name is Tony Sparano.  With an open media session yesterday, some of the Jets offensive players caught up with the beat writers talking about the breath of fresh air that is the new offensive coordinator.

One player looking to increase his role in the offense is running back Joe McKnight.  He started his career in 2010 and let’s just say it was a little bumpy as the player came into camp out of shape.  Now all that has changed and with a decent 2011 season, Joe wants to change the label that he is more than just a specialty back used mostly on trick plays and third downs.

To show the naysayers that he has what it takes to play every down if called upon, McKnight added 15 pounds by adding bulk first eating McDonald’s, and a good amount of it.  He then said he worked out to convert it into muscle.  Those that have seen him this past weekend at a charity event at the stadium said Joe looks solid and noticeably bigger.

I just wanted to come back and not be labeled just as a specialty back, catching and receiving out of the backfield,” said McKnight, who weighs a muscular 216 pounds. “I could spread the defenses out more and show people I can run between the tackles.”

The question is, is there enough reps to go around for now what seems a crowded backfield.  With Shonn Greene still the featured back, the Jets drafted Terrance Ganaway who himself is a big back who runs an knocks people over through the tackles.  You can’t forget also that Tim Tebow will be taking carries away as he runs the option offense.

Will Joe McKnight prove to the Jets and Tony Sporano that he deserves to carry the rock more, at least on offense, or will his primary role remain on special teams.

It’s great to have options, and the Jets have many going into 2012 and with Tony Sporano at the helm of the offense, it’s a new ballgame.