Revis: Rex “Faded Off a Little Bit….” in 2011

Revis:  Rex “Faded Off a Little Bit….” in 2011

Jenny Vrentas, the Jets beat writer for the Star-Ledger, caught up with David Harris and Darrelle Revis where they talked about Rex Ryan and the turmoil coming out of the last portion of the season.

I guess we are going to continue to hear about LAST SEASON until 1.  The Jets play their first regular season game (I convinced of it), or 2.  The Jets Beat Writers decide they have had enough and STOP asking about it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so over this topic.

JennyVrentas Caught up with David Harris and Darrelle Revis at Harris’ golf tournament to benefit Give the Kids Hope Foundation. #nyj 5/14/12 12:49 PM

He did fade off a little bit, I don’t know what reason for,” Revis said today at Harris’ charity golf outing to benefit the Give the Kids Hope Foundation. “But he’s the head coach, he has a lot on his plate, a lot of pressure. It’s just something that maybe he thought he put more trust in the coaching staff, and seeing that it kind of hurt us last year, maybe, a little bit.

“Not to frown on any coaches or anything, how they coached, but it’s good to see your head coach being involved, at least just putting his two cents in. You just hear his voice every now and then in the meeting room, so I think it is good.”

You look at our defensive stats the past few years, we’ve been no. 1 in a lot of categories, so it’s not like we’re some slouches,” Harris said. “(Rex) feels like he could do something a little bit extra and help us get over that hump, I guess, and that’s what it is.”


Bart Wasn’t a Goner

Harris said he never thought LB Bart Scott wouldn’t be back with the Jets. Scott’s future was up in the air this offseason, and the Jets talked with his agent about the possibility of a trade at the Combine.

“I knew he wasn’t going anywhere,” Harris said. “He was looking great. He lost 12 pounds already. I’ve got to step my game up.”
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