Revis Does Not Back with Comments about the Patriots’ Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

Revis Does Not Back with Comments about the Patriots’ Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

It’s no secret that Darrelle Revis doesn’t like the New England Patriots, specifically he’s called out Billy B and Tommy B.

I’m so glad the best defensive player in the NFL is on my team!

Revis has always given his true opinion on any subject and when the media want to ask him about his rivals, he doesn’t sugarcoat it for the Pats because he feels they took it beyond winning and got personal.


“I gave my honest opinion,” Revis said about his characterizations of Belichick. “That’s how I feel. I feel that people let him slide when he says his smart remarks (on) certain things. . . . So they told me to sum it up in one word. He can take it how he wants. He can say (whatever) he wants to say back.”

“I have respect for him: Winning is winning,” Revis said on  the first day of the team’s offseason conditioning program in Florham Park. “But sometimes things are disrespectful. When you say certain comments about the Jets, some stuff is disrespectful. It’s okay to have a rivalry. It’s okay to compete. But when it gets personal, you’re getting disrespectful.
I didn’t start this battle. The smart remarks sometimes he says are ignorant.

“Why go there?” Revis went on.
“You won fair and square. . . . But when you start saying stuff like that, it gets too personal. You don’t have to say that. Did anybody else say anything like that?”

Looking through the tweets to see reaction to Revis dissing the Pats, there were a ton more Pats fans ripping Revis than Jets fans tweeting support for Revis.  Trust me, I looked.

Pats Fan Reaction

WAD1980 If Revis wants to talk about “disrespectful”, he should talk about his team’s performance against the #Patriots on SNF at home last yr #Jets 5/10/12 1:41 PM
jazadal Darrel Revis = loudmouthed punk. #Patriots #Jets Keep on losing, big guy. 5/11/12 5:13 AM
MasterP007 “awww is poor little revis tired of gettin his face pounded into the ground year in year out by the patriots” #stopbitchingRevis 5/11/12 1:04 AM
KoKoBagginz Dear Tom Brady, please throw on that punk Revis every chance you get this upcoming year. He talks too much. #Patriots #Brady 5/10/12 11:08 PM
zitopapito Lmao the @jets and rex ryan send shots at the @patriots all season then #revis cries saying belichick is disrespectful 5/10/12 9:02 PM
pp1033 You, your head coach and your teammates should look in the mirror Revis…wah, wah, wah; the Patriots are mean to us!!! 5/10/12 5:03 PM
VegasNFLChickie Jets’ Revis dodges contract talk, but happily rips Patriots 5/10/12 5:00 PM

Jets Fan Reaction

DEFoverDISHONOR & I agree with Revis. F the Patriots. 5/10/12 7:04 PM
JlamarCrowder @ErikFrenz Bill Bellchick and the patriots need to worry about Darrelle Revis and the Jets because a whole new season is coming.Go Jets! 5/10/12 6:26 PM
therealMJSthe2 Me and Darrelle Revis feel the same about the patriots #NFL 5/10/12 2:57 PM
TurnOnTheJets Todays headlines from the #Jets locker room – Tebow has a dog, Tebow doesn’t live in Hoboken and Revis hates the Patriots 5/10/12 2:42 PM
  • Jdawson2

    Trust me, I tweeted and put on Facebook all of my support. He didn’t disparage their winning. He said they were disrespectful douches, which is more than true.