Former Players’ Wife Says Jets “Leak Lies to Make Fans Happy”

Former Players’ Wife Says Jets “Leak Lies to Make Fans Happy”

Charity Washington, known as @CharityLuvs on twitter, is the wife of former favorite Jet Leon Washington.  She also has ties to current Jet Darrelle Revis and his manger John Geiger (I believe they are from the same town and grew up together).

I had put out a tweet to a link to my story on how the Jets have not begun to install the other roles for Tim Tebow.  The Jets stated that it was never their intention that Tebow would start and overtake Mark as the quarterback.  They always referred to Tim as the #2, and that they would use him in other positions.

Check out this interesting conversation with the wife of a former Jets player.  Why does this have merit?  Easy, she’s been part of the Jets organization and I believe her when she says these things against the Jets.  Leon has been part of two organizations and it sounds like that the Jets are night and day from other organizations.

The question you have to ask yourself is, are we being lied to as Jets fans and want to believe anything because we are SO SUPER BOWL STARVED?

e_man Four Weeks In, Tebow is Only Installing the QB Role 5/11/12 7:59 AM
CharityLuvs @e_man I can’t believe U actually believed that he would be doing special teams LOL yea right! Jets always leak lies just 2 make fans happy 5/11/12 9:27 AM
e_man @CharityLuvs I still believe it, but I guess I’m a doubting thomas as well until it’s happening…. Are we gullible Jets fans? 5/11/12 9:27 AM
CharityLuvs @e_man lol trust me they didn’t even mention that 2 Tim. They just wanted fans 2 love them & not be mad so they won’t look silly for giving 5/11/12 9:29 AM
CharityLuvs @e_man Sanchez an extension and the thrown of the leader,, 5/11/12 9:30 AM
e_man @CharityLuvs so do all NFL orgs do this or is this the “Jets Way”? You’ve been part of two orgs now. Night and Day? 5/11/12 9:30 AM
CharityLuvs @e_man 4 some reason anything they leak to media and they report you guys think it’s true! Everyone know they lie. It’s what it is! 5/11/12 9:34 AM
CharityLuvs @e_man you guys ate not dumb at all. Led the RIGHT way you will get a Super Bowl ring and the guys deserve it.. They got the talent.. It’s 5/11/12 9:35 AM
CharityLuvs @e_man not the players. It’s the leaders and the coaches. If they focused on team & integrity & not Hollywood & ticket sales u will get one 5/11/12 9:36 AM
e_man @CharityLuvs well, the early news this morning is NO hard knocks this year for the Jets. I’m hoping it’s true. 5/11/12 9:37 AM

Fan Reaction

_keator @CharityLuvs @e_man charity is on fire but sadly with the jets it’s ALWAYS about the headlines. Little brother syndrome. 5/11/12 9:38 AM
UM_15 @jetstwit ever since Leon was traded shes hated the Jets Just because shes outspoken and is married 2 Leon doesnt make her a credible source 5/11/12 10:02 AM
section104 @jetstwit the truth always has that special sting it’s easy to pick out from the BS. #hurts 5/11/12 10:06 AM
SeanLDurham @e_man I will beg you NOT to rely on the notions of a bitter WOMAN. She’s doing NOTHING more than what WE do….speculate! 5/11/12 10:11 AM
SeanLDurham @e_man she is BITTER….her Tweets after Leon was traded PROVES this. She knows NOTHING and ONLY speculates. I wouldnt put ANY merit in it 5/11/12 10:12 AM
TheJetPress @jetstwit interesting erik.hate to say it but she has motive to lie too, jets didn’t exactly treat leon well at the end, dont you think? 5/11/12 10:14 AM
jetstwit @TheJetPress That’s the question. I put it out there for you to make up your own mind. Interesting conversation regardless, no? 5/11/12 10:15 AM
TheJetPress @jetstwit very much so.she’s certainly up front with her opinion 5/11/12 10:17 AM
JRDengo @jetstwit @kristinereese knew this was Leon’s wife before I opened it. They (Leon & co.) made a bad decision, move on, stop blaming the Jets 5/11/12 10:28 AM