Can the Jets Have Two Leaders at the Same Position? Sanchez and Tebow?

Can the Jets Have Two Leaders at the Same Position?  Sanchez and Tebow?

Darrelle Revis was asked about whether you can have two leaders at one position, or more specifically two leaders at the QB position, on one team, and he replied with an honestly noncommittal answer.

His answer made me truly wonder if it was possible to have two QB’s of the team be viewed as by their teammates as leaders.

 “That’s a tough question,” Revis said. “I don’t know. I can’t come up with an answer to that question, as much as I want to. I don’t know. We’re all experiencing the same thing.”

But Revis was far from downplaying the impact Tebow can have on that other side of the ball.

“These are my teammates. I’m here to support everybody on this team,” he said. “Who starts? It doesn’t matter. Everybody’s going to play on this team. Even if we need some practice-squad player to step up and play one week. We’re getting ready. This is a big year and we’re going to play some awesome football because last year was disappointing. 8-8 and we didn’t make the playoffs.” – Read More


My Take – Erik Manassy

I don’t understand how that’s a tough question.  Yes you can have two leaders at the same position.  I honestly think that once Greg McElroy proves himself, you will actually have three leaders at the SAME POSITION.   Leadership doesn’t have a limitation by title.

I personally wish that more leaders will arise on the team but I have seen indications of that from Sione Pouha, Mike DeVito, and Nick Mangold to list the obvious names.  I have this gut feeling that rookie WR Stephen Hill will eventually emerge as a leader of the team.

Mike DeVito was asked about the three quarterbacks and he stated:

“….  But I’m grateful Tim’s here. He’s a great person, he’s a hard worker — he and Mark and Greg [McElroy] are in the weightroom an hour after the offense is done. He sets a great example on and off the field.”