The Jets Twit Podcast: Episode 223 with Fireman Ed! Quoted in Metro NY about Cromarties’ Deleted Twitter Account Quoted in Metro NY about Cromarties’ Deleted Twitter Account

I was quoted in Metro New York’s site today giving my opinion on Antonio Cromartie deleting his twitter account.

Being the outspoken player that he was, this came to a shock to everyone. I wrote about it here with fan reaction here.

In a move not worthy of a retweet, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie deactivated his Twitter account on Tuesday night, calling an end to a social media career that was often a mess.

Erik Manassy - “I believe Antonio Cromartie quit Twitter on his own accord.  Being an outspoken celebrity, with his history of children out of wedlock, can attract some interesting tweets. I’m not saying that ‘Cro’ backed down; I’m guessing it just got old and tired,” said Erik Manassy, a social media consultant and founder of which tracks the Jets on social media outlets.

“The New York Jets have an open policy where anyone in the organization can speak their mind anytime and anywhere. I’d be very surprised if they approached him to close his account.” – Read the full post here.