A Tale of Two Lockers – The Jets First Open Locker Room with the Media

A Tale of Two Lockers – The Jets First Open Locker Room with the Media

Don’t believe me that the circus is in town?  The media were camped out at an empty locker of Tim Tebow when other Jets players were in the room so they didn’t lose their prime location.  Who exactly was in the room?  MARK SANCHEZ.  Wow, so it begins, er uh, continues.

Mike DeVito was quoted saying that the media attention for Tebow is very similar as when Favre arrived on the scene.

Take a look at the locker room before any players stepped into the room.  Who do you suppose everyone wanted to talk to?

Exhibit A:  March Sanchez’ Locker

Sanchez Locker, standing room only... um, where is everyone?

Exhibit B:  Tim Tebow’s Locker

RichCimini: Crowd of media types in front of Tebow's locker -- and he's not even here yet.


When the players showed up, the crowd stayed mostly with Tebow’s empty locker to wait for the backup, even when Sanchez was in the room.  Telling.  Very Telling.  The circus is in town.

KMart_LI: Tebowsanity

DWAZ73: Sanchez addresses the media at #Jets' first open locker room.


So who do I feel really sorry for?  The guys NEXT to Tebow.  That would be TE Josh Baker and Rookie CB Royce Adams:

RAdams_11 Finally made it out my locker lol 5/10/12 1:41 PM
ShakeNbakes45@RAdams_11: Finally made it out my locker lol” I feel your pain 5/10/12 1:48 PM