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Jets and Steelers had a draft-deal in place to swap 16 and 24

Jets and Steelers had a draft-deal in place to swap 16 and 24

Jason LaCanfora, from the NFLN, put out an interesting set of tweets about the Jets and Steelers.  Apparently the two teams had a deal to trade the 16th and 24th pick so the Steelers could get their man David DeCastro.  The Jets were planning to take Quinton Coples OR Bruce Irvin at 24.

There were many reports that the Jets were trying to trade down, but now this confirms it.  The funny thing is that they both got their guys at their original position.

I’m still not sold that the Jets were interested in the reach that is Bruce Irvin.  Many believe that it was the Seahawks saying the Jets were interested just to justify taking that player so high.

JasonLaCanfora Interesting note on Bruce Irvin, the 1st 1st rounder to sign. Jets and Steelers had a draft-deal essentially done for NY to drop back … 5/7/12 9:50 PM
JasonLaCanfora Jets were gonna take Irvin or Coples in the mid-20s, and Steelers would take DeCastro at 16. Once Seattle took Irvin at 15, Jets pulled out 5/7/12 9:51 PM
JasonLaCanfora Steelers still got their man, DeCastro, in their original spot. Will be interesting to see how careers of Irvin and Coples pan out. 5/7/12 9:51 PM