TE Linthicum Tweets QB Kinne of #Rookieproblems

TE Linthicum Tweets QB Kinne of #Rookieproblems

New York Jets UFA signee, GJ Kinne tweeted a photo he found of himself online, fresh from this weekends’ rookie mini-camp.  Fellow Jets hopeful, free agent tryout TE Brian Linthicum busted the player in response.

It’s good to see even the rookies joking and loose.

Both players are hoping to stick with the team but with many Tight Ends and QB’s ahead of both players, maybe the practice squad could be an option.


GJKinne Pointing out the Mike! 5/6/12 10:16 PM

Photo: JetsInsider.com

B_Linthicum88 @GJKinne something tells me that it prolly wasn’t the same mike that the line called lol #rookieproblems 5/6/12 10:53 PM
GJKinne @B_Linthicum88 haha ur prib right my man! See ya next week 5/6/12 11:22 PM

Free agent tryout tight end Brian Linthicum (48) catches pass during minicamp at the Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE