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Twitter Fritters: Mark Sanchez at the Fights

Twitter Fritters:  Mark Sanchez at the Fights

Ever wonder what people tweet to Jets players? I do, for some reason and occasionally check in but now I’ll be starting a new segment on this blog called Twitter Fritters.

Wait, so What’s a Fritter? Glad you asked:

Noun. Genreal insult for someone making a fool of themselves or doing something embarrassing.
“You are such a fritter.”


(plural: Fritters) a portmanteau of Friend and Twitter – essentially, a Friend on Twitter.”Oh, my best fritter posted this awesome link…”

I’ll let you decide if the person I showcase is a fritter friend, or a fritter fool.


That awkward moment when Mark Sanchez goes “who is that cute blonde with Floyd!” and realizes its Justin Bieber
5/5/12 11:44 PM
Tim Tebow is practicing, RIGHT NOW while Mark Sanchez is at the fight!! LOL. (just KIDDING)
5/5/12 11:38 PM
Seeing @Mark_Sanchez on the big screen during @FloydMayweather fight def made my night. I think @Mark_Sanchez should B my date on my bday :)
5/6/12 8:35 AM
Thank you @Mark_Sanchez for texting me at 4am…. #CantGoBackToSleep
5/6/12 3:58 AM
#NewestMoneyTeamMember Mark Sanchez..
5/6/12 2:18 AM
They gave mark sanchez free seats at the fight so he can rep all the mexicants in the world
5/6/12 1:33 AM
@Mark_Sanchez: what did you think of the fight? Your too quiet for my starting qb! Let us know what you have to say! #isawyou
5/6/12 1:07 AM
Technical problems solved, here are some fight sightings: Justin Bieber, Jets QB Mark Sanchez, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon #FB #vegas
5/6/12 12:34 AM
Icing on the cake tonite: Mark Sanchez appearance. :)
5/6/12 12:29 AM
Best proformances at the MGM Grand right now 1. Mark Sanchez 2. triple H and 3. 50 cent #WhoIsBoxing ?
5/6/12 12:15 AM
This just in: Tim Tebow takes over Mark Sanchez’s seat after 5 rounds. #Ringkings #mayweathercotto
5/6/12 12:13 AM
Mark Sanchez spotlight begging @ the mayweather fight, Eli Manning hosting SNL. #mindu #SBChamps
5/5/12 11:59 PM
Wait, isn’t there a Jets mini-camp this week? Why the fuck is Mark Sanchez at the fight?
5/5/12 11:53 PM
Mark Sanchez, Big Boy, 50 cent, …BIEBER….all here for the fight!!! Let’s Go Michael Buffer!!!!!!
5/5/12 11:51 PM