Jets Rookie Camp – Pictures and Tweets 5/4

Jets Rookie Camp – Pictures and Tweets 5/4

Stephen Hill is LARGE

Jets Rookie Camp is in session!  Here are some tweets and pics from the New York Jets Beat Writers.

Man I wish I was there right now!!



Highlights in first practice:

  • The one overwhelming consensus in this short mini-camp so far?  That Stephen Hill is ONE BIG DUDE!
  • Tony Sparano is an intense coach with presence.  His motor runs all practice, and I got this from just reading tweets!  Can’t wait to see him live!
  • As this couldn’t be possible, seems Sparano is louder and more intense that Mike Westhoff.  Wow.  That’s saying a lot.  I wonder if Tony has a cane?
  • This first session was all offense.  The defense is in a later session.
  • DaMarcus Ganaway was earning some praise for his route running.
  • Kris Burd had a very nice one handed grab.
KristianRDyer Sparano working exclusively with the QB’s the past 20 minutes. 5/4/12 11:22 AM
KristianRDyer Rex working with defense, just yelled out “Alright Coples, that’s it.” #NYJ 5/4/12 11:07 AM
KristianRDyer Sparano to Hayden Smith on going over the middle “Not there Aussie. If you go in there, it will really turn into one of those rugby things.” 5/4/12 11:37 AM
KristianRDyer Initial thoughts on Sparano: Very active coach, loves to teach. Never still. #NYJ 5/4/12 11:40 AM
Cnimbley Sparano hasn’t stopped coaching for a second. Working his way around entire offense barking 5/4/12 11:45 AM
RichCimini I’m having a blast watching and listening to OC Tony Sparano. He’s super intense. Definitely brings a different vibe to the offense. #Jets 5/4/12 11:46 AM
Cnimbley “Don’t be an ice wagon.” Sparano yells… Feel free to decipher that one yourselves folks 5/4/12 11:43 AM


KristianRDyer: Quick shot of Hill, wearing #84


RichCimini: Seventh-round WR Jordan White works on take off with WR coach Sanjay Lal.

JennyVrentas: Stephen Hill's size stands out on the practice field.

KMart_LI: Stephen Hill is a tall kid. Geez