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Twitter Fritters: Tweets to @TimTebow

Twitter Fritters:  Tweets to @TimTebow

Ever wonder what people tweet to Jets players?  I do, for some reason and occasionally check in but now I’ll be starting a new segment on this blog called Twitter Fritters.

Wait, so What’s a Fritter?  Glad you asked:

Noun. Genreal insult for someone making a fool of themselves or doing something embarrassing.
“You are such a fritter.”


(plural: Fritters) a portmanteau of Friend and Twitter – essentially, a Friend on Twitter.

“Oh, my best fritter posted this awesome link…”

I’ll let you decide if the person I showcase is a fritter friend, or a fritter fool.

So What do people tweet Tim Tebow?  Tim hardly tweets but that probably doesn’t stop people from sending him tweets constantly.  Here is a sampling of the more interesting tweets Tim might read if he keeps up with his account:


Gone but not forgotten

Thank God for @TimTebow! Come back to Florida!
5/3/12 11:24 AM
Today’s bow legged and butch!pink button down combo look was inspired by @TimTebow. #Bless
5/3/12 11:23 AM
@TimTebow Watched 6 teens “Tebow” as they crossed Colorado Blvd this morning. You’re still remembered here in Denver!
5/3/12 9:25 AM


Stop the disrespect

Seeing Paul Pierce and everyone else “Tebowing” is really becoming ridiculous. @TimTebow is sincere in his prayers and you should #respect.
5/3/12 9:46 AM


He’s so Dreamy

Just had a dream I hung out with @TimTebow .. I’ve never wanted a dream to come true so badly in my entire life
5/3/12 9:44 AM
Usually in my wedding dreams I’m at the altar & can’t see the groom’s face.This time I could & it was @TimTebow. It’s a sign from God! ;)
5/3/12 9:14 AM
I totally dreamed me and @timtebow were at the beach… I almost cried when I woke up.
5/3/12 7:26 AM
Crazy dream I had, I was with #TimTebow <3 what a hunk ;)
5/2/12 1:46 PM
Had a dream last night that I met @TimTebow at a WWE PPV in NY. We were about to throw the pigskin around outside…then I woke up. :’(
5/2/12 12:20 PM



Okay @TimTebow was my favorite before, but the fact that he took time out of his day to call Trey is amazing! #love #PrayForTrey
5/3/12 9:56 AM


Who needs a cardboard cutout?

@TimTebow Will you be my prom date for my senior prom? i go to a really restrictive school with no fun. please be my date!
5/3/12 10:07 AM
#NFL #TimTebow Iowa Girl Take Cardboard Cutout of Tim Tebow as Date to Prom – KGAN http://t.co/OlqwzZUD #NowFollowing GGoo
5/3/12 10:00 AM
@TimTebow You suck for not taking that girl to her prom
5/3/12 9:08 AM


Karma is a bitch!

Terrell Suggs tears his Achilles smh. Thts what happens when you talk shit about @TimTebow
5/3/12 10:01 AM
@AdamSchefter so Terrell Suggs gets hurt a few months after he declared he didn’t need God like @timtebow… Interesting…
5/3/12 11:44 AM


Tim is no Jesus

@TimTebow please pray for Junior Seau’s family…especially his Mother! May the Lord heal their broken hearts, amen.
5/3/12 4:44 AM
It creeps me out in a good way how much @TimTebow reminds me of Jesus Christ… obviously he’s not but WOW how can u be so close? #Christian
5/3/12 8:25 AM