Twitter Fritters: Tweets to @Mark_Sanchez

Twitter Fritters:  Tweets to @Mark_Sanchez

Ever wonder what people tweet to Jets players?  I do, for some reason and occasionally check in but now I’ll be starting a new segment on this blog called Twitter Fritters.

Wait, so What’s a Fritter?  Glad you asked:

Noun. Genreal insult for someone making a fool of themselves or doing something embarrassing.
“You are such a fritter.”


(plural: Fritters) a portmanteau of Friend and Twitter – essentially, a Friend on Twitter.”Oh, my best fritter posted this awesome link…”

I’ll let you decide if the person I showcase is a fritter friend, or a fritter fool.

Here are the tweets to Mark Sanchez.  Some are nice, some…. not so nice.

People give the Jets crap for having @Mark_Sanchez and @TimTebow, Pats have 12 Wide receivers!!! I’d rather 2QBs
5/3/12 12:25 PM

No Tebow, It’s Sanchez Time

@JetNation @ItsMr513 don’t get me wrong I have respect for Tebow but @Mark_Sanchez will be the starter for every game. Sorry
5/3/12 12:34 AM
@Mark_Sanchez you better blow up this year I got faith in u buddy… Play like a #probowler
5/2/12 6:09 PM
@LB_NYJ_78 @Mark_Sanchez mark is my qb and will not let that change! Mark have fun and play with swag bro…you will be elite this year!
5/2/12 4:51 PM


Stealing, Mark made me do it

I totes stole a @Mark_Sanchez banner off the wall and I’m not upset about it. #dolladollabeersyall
5/2/12 11:51 PM


No Love

Fckn bum @Mark_Sanchez
5/2/12 11:27 PM
@KateUpton So your Cat Daddy video is awesome. Are you still dating that loser @Mark_Sanchez?
5/2/12 10:54 PM
And listen Timmy I love you for making @Mark_Sanchez irrelevant. But I rather you be an alcoholic whore than worry about protecting an image
5/2/12 9:21 PM
10 years from now and @Mark_Sanchez doesn’t do a thing to make any of us forget that dog he stuffed @Seanymike33
5/2/12 6:25 PM
@Mark_Sanchez u may the worst quarterback to ever be a starter in the NFL. U r simply awful
5/2/12 5:11 PM
@Mark_Sanchez do you get off lawn duty on cinco de mayo? #cutmygrass
5/2/12 5:08 PM
@Mark_Sanchez u suck as quaterback let tebow start the jets cant get anyworse ok so lissten to me and sit on the bench it misses your ass
5/2/12 4:54 PM
@Mark_Sanchez I will ignore the tweet much like I ignore your play last season.
5/2/12 4:46 PM



@Mark_Sanchez I know you like blondes but I promise I’m worth it
5/2/12 5:02 PM
@Mark_Sanchez i love you!!!!
5/2/12 10:29 PM
@Mark_Sanchez Hi Mark, How are you? I wish the best this season, from Spain. Que esta temporada sea la mejor de tu vida, saludes…
5/2/12 9:42 PM
#ThingsThatINeed to meet @Mark_Sanchez
5/2/12 7:40 PM