New York Jets D’s New Slogan “One Step Faster”

New York Jets D’s New Slogan “One Step Faster”

The Jets defense has a new slogan this season, one the players believe has the potential to radically alter their output on the field:

“One step faster.”

It’s a simple reminder, devised by defensive assistant and linebackers coach Bob Sutton. But it’s also an effective one. Anxious to improve upon its play from last season, the Jets defensive players are fully buying into it. – Read More

“I think it applies physically and also mentally in any aspect of the game . . . For me, I just learned what some of our safeties do to help me understand what surrounds me.” – Sione Pouha

If the draft and their speed of the defense players is any indication of their plans moving forward it definately follows the “One Step Faster” Mantra!