The Quinton Coples Twitter Account is a Fake

The Quinton Coples Twitter Account is a Fake

Updated:  4/30

JamesGeoSark @e_man He changed it to @quecoples 4/30/12 1:55 PM

The great thing about Twitter is when an athlete from you favorite team joins twitter and you get to interact with him/her on a personal level.  The worst thing about Twitter?  When someone PRETENDS to be that athlete.

There are many “Fake” accounts but the owner doesn’t try to fool you.  They put “fake” or “fan” in the profile or name.  What makes these trolls dangerous is that they look and act like the real deal.  They start interacting with fans, but when they start fooling the media, and teammates, that’s when the team usually gets involved by contacting Twitter to get the account removed.

I’ll admit it.  Once I saw Brian Custer from SNY and Jets players interacting, I was sold it was legit.  I also saw a picture that it looked like could only come from Quinton.  I guess I was fooled.


I have heard that the Quinton Coples account is a fake.  I have a source that told me that the Jets reached out to them officially to inform them that their number one pick of the 2012 draft was NOT ON TWITTER.

Now the owner of the Quinton account is claiming that he is still the real deal but it sounds like last minute desperation.    I would caution you to follow the account as in the next days this should be resolved.

e_man Ok I’m saying that all Coples twitter accounts are fake until I can verify. They all look suspect. 4/27/12 8:53 AM
SeanLDurham REALLY want 2 get n the ring with the idiot that created the FAKE ASS Quinton Coples Twitter acct. Hit em with #MettaWorldPeace elbow #Jets 4/27/12 9:02 PM

The good news is that the other two draft picks from round 1-4 are legit.  Stephen Hill is @_StephenHill_ and Demario Davis is @YouAreFree146 .  Go give them a follow!

  • Henry Shapiro

    The inconsistencies gave it away. he made his profile pic early on a picture where he said it was from him at Brother Jimmy’s after the draft and no one had that picture. Well, that picture was on google images from MARCH 23 and was copyrighted as being from and NFL location in California. There is lie one. Plus, the picture he claimed was from Brother Jimmy’s the night of the draft, well, he was wearing completely different clothing in the picture as compared to another picture of him actually at Brother Jimmy’s. That’s lie 2. Plus when I called him out on it, he responded, asked what I am talking about, I replied and showed him the evidence is against him, and he deleted my tweet (I saved the e-mail that he did reply even though he deleted it) and then changed his profile picture to destroy the “evidence.” Guy needs a life, just suspicious how he is getting all these pictures when it is clearly not him.