Why are people down on the New York Jets selecting Quinton Coples?

Why are people down on the New York Jets selecting Quinton Coples?

The jury is out on the New York Jets selecting Quinton Coples with the 16th pick.  Many Jets fans are upset that they selected the UNC product over Melvin Ingram who was surprisingly still available.  The video I saw, he looked like a beast to me.

In my final draft review, I said that I would give the Jets an A+ if they selected Ingram first (if available) and then Coples second AND they had to move back for Safety Harrison Smith.  Well, I will give the Jets a B because they picked one of the players I wanted even though it was out of order.

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So why are people down on Quinton Coples?

  • Jets Twit TV - View Coples Pro Day

    They say that Quinton runs hot and cold, meaning he doesn’t see to LOVE the game of football and play with passion.

  • In four seasons at North Carolina, Coples had 24 sacks, including 10 as a junior. But his output dropped last year, to seven-and-a-half, raising questions about his work ethic and commitment.
  • I think the media feeds the negativity.  When Mayock (NFLN) or Kiper Jr. (ESPN) rip the player (and they did) the fans feed off of that.  The only one I care about is Rex Ryan’s opinion who was the ONLY head coach to see him at his pro-day.  (Jets Twit TV Video)
  • The Jets pointed to Coples’ tumultuous stay in Chapel Hill as possible factors for his uneven play. The program was rocked by an agents scandal in 2010, and coach Butch Davis was fired before the 2011 season. Coples played for two head coaches and four position coaches in four years. – “Rich Cimini”
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    I think we could have moved back a few spots and still got him.  I think we could have moved back 5-10 and get a number of very good picks, including Ingram, Coples, Jones, DeCastro, McClellan, Riley, or Mercilus and picked up a third or fourth..