My Final Review on the Jets 2012 Draft and My Grade Guidelines

My Final Review on the Jets 2012 Draft and My Grade Guidelines

What would be my idea draft for the New York Jets?  What would they have to do for me to give them an A+?

With mock drafts having us picking up to 10 different players, it really is anyone’s guess what the Jets will really do.  Jets Beat writers are saying that Stud RB Trent Richardson is ranked #1 on their list, and that may be true but how reasonable is it to pay a King’s ransom to move up and get him?  Oh and just because we obtain his digits, doesn’t mean we are drafting him.

My ideal draft has the Jets filling in the holes of the positions that have been identified as major needs:  S, OL, WR, DE/LB.  If the Jets can do this with their first three picks, I give them an A+.  Some of the things I am suggesting the Jets do are listed as draft myths, but I can see them pulling them off.

They say Coples motor runs hot and cold, but if any guy can get him to REV to get the QB, it's Rex

My A+ Grade IF the Jets draft:

  • Stay at 16, and select the best pass rusher if they are:  DE/OLB – Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB Quinton Coples


  • Trade up from 47 back into the first round to select:  S – Harrison Smith

If the Jets end up with a VERY good pass rusher and the 2nd best Safety in this draft, these two first picks would alone constitute me giving the Jets an A+.

This guy has HOF potential

My B Grade IF the Jets draft:

  • The Jets trade the 16th pick and another pick (Possibly 2013 – 1st or a lower round 2012, depends on the spot they move up to) to get:  RB Trent Richardson


  • The Jets keep the 16th pick and draft OT Riley Reef OR G David DeCastro

I personally believe the Jets will not move all the way up to 3 to get the running back, but if for some reason he slips past 4 and 5, the Jets will make their move.  I don’t see that happening and if they REALLY want him and are convinced they must have this guy, then don’t fool around and move to 3.

The Jets claim to be going to a dedicated Ground and Pound, and I’m telling you what better way to prove to all the naysayers then to draft the best running back to come out in a while.  If you believe that Trent will be the next Peterson, you don’t hesitate.  I personally think that a quarterbacks best friend is a STUD running back.

MAYBE, a trade is also involved to move up and that could be Shonn Greene.  If you draft Trent, you utilize Bilia Powell who you drafted kind of high last year and Joe McKnight.  Greene becomes expendable and frankly has not lived up to his hype.  He’s been a good player at times but nothing that convinces me that he can anchor the offense that will be running.

My C Grade IF the Jets draft:


  • The Jets keep the 16th and draft OLB/DE Courtney Upshaw

Making my argument above about the “Ground and Pound”, there are greater needs than WR.  A number 2 IS important, but the pressure will be on more so for Mark Sanchez to make sure he can get the ball to his new weapons through the air.  If the Jets can’t address the O-line hole, it won’t matter if they hypothetically draft Blackmon and Floyd if they can’t protect Mark, and trust me, Tebow won’t fair any better.

My D Grade IF the Jets draft:

  • If the Jets reach at 16 and draft Whitney Mercilus or Chandler Jones

I’m not sold on Mercilus and Chandler Jones would be a reach at 16.  I know he’s been jumping up the boards, but the Jets getting him at 16 would make me frown.

My F Grade IF the Jets draft:

  • The Jets trade Darrelle Revis

Don’t worry, this would never happen!  If it did however; because of the CB’s potential contract issues, a hole would open up in Times Square and all of Jets Nation would jump in.  The franchise would fall off the planet and I would leave the NFL.  In another words, the Jets won’t be getting an F grade from me! ;)