QB Mark Brunell to Retire, or Is He?

QB Mark Brunell to Retire, or Is He?

The Jets media were breaking news around midnight that former backup Jets QB Mark Brunell is likely to retire after 19 seasons.  A fan tweeted him last night asking him if the rumor was true and in a RT of the original message, Mark simply wrote “NOPE”.

It looks like mark is struggling with the decision to get out of the game.

Steiny31 Former #Jets QB Mark Brunell has retired from football. 4/23/12 11:25 PM
ItsOasus @Steiny31 I expected that 4/23/12 11:27 PM
ItsOasus @M_Brunell8 is it true that you’re retiring? 4/23/12 11:29 PM
M_Brunell8@ItsOasus: @M_Brunell8 is it true that you’re retiring?” Nope. 4/24/12 8:21 AM
JennyVrentas Former Jets back-up QB Mark Brunell likely to retire: Brunell has played 19 seasons in the NFL http://t.co/0SZAXkHP 4/24/12 8:19 AM

Mark Brunell, who spent the past two seasons as the Jets’ back-up quarterback, told the Florida Times-Union that he is likely to retire after a 19-year NFL career.

Brunell, 41, said he has not filed his retirement papers with the league yet because he wants to make certain his opportunities in the NFL have been exhausted.

“Most guys that have trouble leaving the game are in their 20s,” Brunell told the newspaper yesterday after his charity golf tournament in Jacksonville. “I’ve been preparing for football to be over with for quite some time.” - Read full post