Tim Tebow Tweets Congratulations to Philip Humber for Perfect Game

Tim Tebow Tweets Congratulations to Philip Humber for Perfect Game

Tim Tebow has been know to give encouragement to athletes, mostly on his team, but the backup QB of the New York Jets reached out to a MLB who threw the 21st perfect game in league history.

Chicago White Sox Pitcher Philip Humber, received a tweet from Tim:

TimTebow Congrats @Philip_Humber on accomplishing one of the greatest feats in all of sports! #PerfectGame 4/21/12 9:01 PM

How stoked was Philip well on the Monday, appearing on “The Waddle & Silvy Show”, he said that one tweet stood out among many, Tim’s.

“The funny thing about that is I tweeted him this offseason, and of course he’s Tim Tebow and I’m Philip Humber… compared to him I’m a nobody, but I didn’t get a response.  I was like, ‘Aw Man,’ I was kind of hoping he’d tweet me back or something”

Oh and as a Mets fan, this hurts.  Here goes another former player seeing MAJOR success on a team after leaving the Mets.  Ugh.

In another tweet Tim reached out to UFC fighter, Brendan Schaub who was knocked out fast in his pay per view fight.

The 30-year-old Kenoshan made the most of Saturday’s pay-per-view appearance by knocking out Brendan Schaub 1 minute, 10 seconds into their heavyweight bout at UFC 145 in Atlanta.

BrendanSchaub I’m speechless..I’m so sorry to my fans, I have some things I gotta get figured out..I work too hard to feel like this 4/22/12 12:10 PM
TimTebow @BrendanSchaub life is not about when you get knocked down but about having the perseverance to get back up. Proud of you brother #Heart 4/22/12 4:05 PM