Jets moving up to #3 to take Trent Richardson?

Jets moving up to #3 to take Trent Richardson?

There are rumors floating around that the New York Jets may move up to #3 and trade with the Minnesota Vikings to draft RB Trent Richardson.  As we get closer to the Draft on Thursday Night, the smoke signals are getting thicker, aren’t’ they?

I would be VERY VERY surprised if the Jets pulled this one.  I know the Jets are committed to the running game this year, or they say, but this would cost the Jets too much in my opinion and put the Jets back.  No one player is worth that especially a running back in the top 5.

Recent history shows that recent running backs drafted in the first round have not translated to the pro-bowl and super bowl rings.

3. Round 1 game plan. Here’s what I expect the Jets to do Thursday night in the first round: A. Explore the possibility of trading way up for Alabama RB Trent Richardson; B. Explore the possibility of trading up a few spots for Ingram; C. Remain at No. 16 and take the best available player. They prefer a pass-rushing OLB, but could settle for a S (Alabama’s Mark Barron), a DLM (Memphis’ Dontari Poe) or a WR (Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd).  – Read More

What would it cost the Jets to move Up?

Let’s assume the Jets have to trade their 1.16 and 2.47 picks (I’m sure that the Vikings would want more) but for simplicity’s sake:

I used the's calculator

  • Jimmyj

    Is that calculator not for fantasy football picks? Either way, it would cost more than 1 & 2 to get to #3 overall. Probably add in next year’s one at least, or a player like Keller.

  • Edward Kirby

    Maybe teh Browns would be interested in Tebow.