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Video: HOF’er Curtis Martin reflects on being drafted

Video:  HOF’er Curtis Martin reflects on being drafted
Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin shares his memory of being drafted by Bill Parcells and the New England Patriots in 1995.

The story I didn’t know that surprised me is when Curtis just got off the phone with Bill Parcells (then of the Patriots who drafted him) said that he didn’t want to be a football player.  He didn’t love the game enough.  Now, he just got drafted by the NFL and it should be the happiest moment of his life and he had second thoughts DURING the moment.

His mentor, who he doesn’t name, gave him the best advice which was to use football as a vehicle to do good in the world.  Sound like someone you know?  Tim Tebow.  It’s no wonder that Tebow reminds me so much of Curtis Martin.

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