Tim Tebow, QB, RB, FB, H-Back, Personal Protector

Tim Tebow, QB, RB, FB, H-Back, Personal Protector

The New York Jets plan to use Tim Tebow often on offense in addition to special teams.  Are you surprised?  I’m not.  Did you really think that Tim was going to sit on the bench with a clip board?  Did you really think he’ll be the starting QB?  I didn’t.

Mark Sanchez is the starting QB and Tim Tebow will be anything and everything to help this team win.

e_man ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reporting Tim Tebow will play QB, RB, FB, H-back and “personal protector” on punt returns in 2012 4/17/12 9:45 AM

Tebow, the No. 2 quarterback, will be used as the wildcat quarterback. The Jets have been saying that since he arrived last month in The Trade. But they have other plans, as well. He will be used as an H-Back, a fullback and as a running back, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported Monday morning.


And, oh yes, special teams coach Mike Westhoff is planning to use Tebow as the “personal protector” on the punt team.


Slauson said the plan, under new coordinator Tony Sparano, is to go back to the offense they ran in 2009 and 2010 — Ground and Pound.