Rex Ryan 2012 Team Plan: Build a great ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Tribe’

Rex Ryan 2012 Team Plan:  Build a great ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Tribe’

Rex Ryan KNOWS the 2012 New York Jets are going to be a great team.  I’m glad one person does.   The head coach spoke to the media yesterday on the first day of OTAs at the Jets facility in Florham Park.

 The Jets began their offseason of healing with voluntary workouts on Monday at the team’s Florham Park headquarters. Rex Ryan met briefly with his team before the offense and defense separately received their playbooks.

“I know we’re going to build a great team,” Ryan said before adding that he’d like to establish a “brotherhood” or “tribe” to erase the memories of a 2011 season racked by locker room dysfunction and discord.

via The Daily News

I believe Rex has his work cut out for him if he believes he can get the entire team to be a “brotherhood” or a “tribe”.  He’s going to need to start with Holmes’ and that offensive line to start.  I will bet that all guys on that line can’t stand him especially Wayne Hunter.

I know, you don’t think that Wayne earned the right to complain and feel the way he does because of his play but your wrong.  Regardless if you a starter, a bench warmer, the water boy, if Rex truly wants to create a brotherhood, EVERYONE has to buy into it.

Brotherhood — n
1. the state of being related as a brother or brothers
2. an association or fellowship, such as a trade union
3. all persons engaged in a particular profession, trade, etc
4. the belief, feeling, or hope that all people should regard and treat one another as equals

Santonio Holmes started his 2012 season right where he left off, a disgruntled player who had an eventful press conference yesterday stating he had no regrets about how he personally finished the season. 

He’s standing his ground that he did nothing wrong and that it was everyone else.  Santonio is clearly taking no responsibility for his actions and if something goes south this season, all signs indicate he won’t take accountability for what he does or doesn’t do in 2012.

That right there is a formula for a disaster.  That is the opposite of a brotherhood because in a brotherhood you must have your “brothers’” back.  Santonio has his OWN back.  Period.

  • Jonathan Gallo

    I think that the media overblown what happened at the end of the season.
    Holmes didn’t pull himself out of the game. It was the WR coach.
    Holmes has probably heard all of the critism, and is just trying to make light of it.