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Why Mark Sanchez Should Want Hard Knocks

Why Mark Sanchez Should Want Hard Knocks

Michael Scott is a die-hard New York Jets fan. You can follow him on Twitter @mikeandrewscott.

As the 2012 NFL season officially begins today, Rex Ryan was obviously questioned about the Jets taking part in this year’s version of HBO’s “Hard Knocks”. Rex was quoted as saying that the Jets have not been approached but if they are there will be discussion. It is not secret that Rex is against doing the HBO Series but with the recent Tim Tebow drama and the Jets broken locker room, Hard Knocks appears to be the perfect selling point for HBO. Hard Knocks however is also a great selling point for the Jets current QB, Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez will clearly be in competition this summer for the starting role although Rex has said time after time after time again that “MARK is our starting QB”. Hard Knocks is the perfect opportunity for Sanchez to in fact prove that he is the Jets starting QB. By outplaying Tebow in front of the cameras and proving to Jets fans why he was worth that 5th overall pick in the draft, Sanchez can put his critics to bed and ensure that Tebow is just the “Wildcat QB”.

Although I have been a big supporter of the Tebow trade, Sanchez is still my QB. Mark has proven in the past why he was worth trading for in the draft but he needs to prove it now. The Jets are designed to win now with Sanchez and the quarterback. If Sanchez fails to do this however, chants for Tebow may be coming sooner then we think at MetLife this fall.