Holmes and Sanchez Training together in FL

Holmes and Sanchez Training together in FL

Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez are training together for the week in FL where Holmes has been for the last couple of weeks.  In a positive move, it appears that the two are putting the meltdown of last season behind them and it’s all business moving forward.  Also training with Mark and Santonio is Dustin Keller, Patrick Turner and Joe McKnight will be joining them today.

Other NFL players are in the group such as Titans running back Chris Johnson.

JennyVrentas Holmes invited Sanchez and Jets teammates to ESPN Wide World of Sports. Dustin Keller, Patrick Turner there, too. #nyj 4/10/12 10:27 PM

At the ESPN Wide World of Sports, where Holmes spends his offseasons with longtime trainer Tom Shaw, the quarterback and the receiver are spending the week training and throwing together along with Jets teammates Dustin Keller and Patrick Turner. Running back Joe McKnight may join the group later in the week.
Holmes extended the invite to Sanchez and his teammates, Shaw said by phone tonight — a positive step toward rebuilding offensive chemistry after a disappointing 8-8 season marked by locker-room division. Teammates and coaches openly acknowledged a rift between Sanchez and Holmes last season, but the two met earlier this offseason in Florida and are moving forward on a positive note. – Read More


“I know for a fact Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez are close,” Shaw said.

Sanchez working out in Orlando, FL

Steiny31 Happy to hear that WR Larry Taylor is training with Sanchez & Holmes. Loved that kid during camp in 2010. Repped the short guys, (5-6, 177). 4/11/12 9:46 AM

I think this is a positive and definitely a leadership move, but I wouldn’t go and call Santonio Holmes a leader YET.   If he can concentrate on staying positive, keep showing that his relationship is fine with Mark Sanchez, but avoid negative statements like THIS and THIS made only a week ago, then it would serve him much better.