Tebomania. You haven’t seen anything yet!

Tebomania.  You haven’t seen anything yet!

Tebomania.  Well just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock these past months, the most popular player in the NFL and some dispute the hottest sports’ property, Tim Tebow,  will be making headlines on EVERYTHING he does, and I mean EVERYTHING! 

This is not news.

There are of course the stories of his faith, his charities, and his football events, but you will see a lot to do about nothing.  For example, do I really care that Tim was getting a pedicure done?

Tim taking care of those feet. Rex, stay away.

He’s also making headlines that he will be speaking to a non-denominational crowd of over 20K people on Sunday!

Tim Tebow in New York by artist Janet Hamlin

Tebow is scheduled to address the Celebration Church in Georgetown, north of Austin. Church spokeswoman Tara Wall tells The Associated Press that Tebow reached out to the church about a month ago and said he wanted to speak.

People attending the non-denominational service will sit on lawn chairs and blankets. Wall said Friday about 1,100 volunteers are involved in running the event on the church’s 110-acre grounds.

TimTebow Thank you Jesus. Mark 10:34 – “And they will mock him and spit on him, and flog him and kill him. And after three days he will rise.” 4/6/12 12:24 PM
TimTebow I’ll definitely keep him in my prayers 4/5/12 12:37 PM

There were reports that the Jets were trying to limit this exposure, but Jets owner Woody Johsnon at an NFL event to promote the new NFL Pop-up store this week, said that it wasn’t true.

Tebomania in New York

I seriosly believe people would vote for Tebow.

The Jets are trying to limit his endorsements and off the field commitments to ensure his focus remains on the field. If it becomes distracting, it could affect the team,” an insider told us. “There is definitely jealously among players if one starts earning too much money off-the-field, and after Tiger Woods, all sponsors and endorsers are increasingly skeptical.”

Still, another source close to the athlete shot down the rumors as being“not true,” and said the team wasn’t trying to limit Tebow’s endorsements or social presence.  – Read more

I have no problem with Tim being a role model and having a strong faith, but here is an interesting quote that I agree with:
Athletes who mingle in Hollywood tend to lose both reliability and credibility from teammates, coaches and often times, fans,” explained publicist and founder of *, Angie Meyer. “If Tim Tebow wishes to remain a Christian role model, he must keep a far distance from Hollywood and celebrity. In order for him to improve his football career, and maintain his integrity within both the NFL and the religious communities, he should stay out of the tabloids completely.
Tim is so sought after by fans, that Tebow’s name and number showed up on an MLB’s team, the Orioles.

This fan wants Tebow to change sports and come to Baltimore