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Jets’ Aaron Maybin Thanks Fans’ Birthday Tweets

Jets’ Aaron Maybin Thanks Fans’ Birthday Tweets

New York Jets linebacker Aaron Maybin turned 24 yesterday, and was tweeting about a birthday party he wasn’t supposed to know about Friday night.  On Saturday, he has another celebrity birthday bash that will be open to the public in Atlanta, GA.  Many Jets fans were tweeting the LB wishing him best birthday wishes on twitter and he was responding.

AaronMaybin51 Headed to some big bday surprise. Nobody try a spill the beans… 4/6/12 1:33 PM

TheEchelonLife Everyone wish @aaronmaybin51 #HappyBirthday!!! He has bags of swag and a heart of gold 4/6/12 4:53 PM
AaronMaybin51 @TheEchelonLife lol. Aww thank u 4/6/12 5:17 PM
angelgrace2 Good seein @AaronMaybin51 last nite.Bday babies!..Remeb this pic-miami 10’? And thx @Q17 4 my very 1ST #CirocOnIce haha http://t.co/GmyvXTcN 4/6/12 1:34 PM
AaronMaybin51 @angelgrace2 lmao. I don’t think I remember that whole trip 4/6/12 1:44 PM

MoRocka7 Happy birthday to my favorite JET @AaronMaybin51 :) 4/6/12 1:25 PM
AaronMaybin51 @MoRocka7 thank u 4/6/12 1:34 PM
BCusterSNY Happy 24th Birthday to my @kapsi1911 brother and #Jets DE @AaronMaybin51! 4/6/12 12:55 PM
AaronMaybin51 @BCusterSNY thanks bro 4/6/12 1:17 PM