Nike to Unveil New NFL Uniforms, What Will the Jets Uni Look Like?

Nike to Unveil New NFL Uniforms, What Will the Jets Uni Look Like?

Nike will unveil a who new look for the NFL today in New York.  In Bart Scott Fashion:  CAN’T WAIT!

For those who are not aware, Nike has taken over dressing the NFL, a distinction previously held by Reebok. Many of the new uniform concepts for certain teams are said to be complete overhauls and will most likely stir controversy among staunch NFL traditionalists.

The question is, how much will the Jets uniform and helmet change?  I had heard rumors to a return to Kelly Green (for throwbacks instead of the Titans).  There could be a chance that black will be dominant in the uniform.  Your guess is as good as mine as the NFL has been keeping the new designs under wraps!  Some designs have been leaking out from other teams, but I have not seen one valid source and image from the Jets.  I can’t WAIT!!

For the past decade Reebok has held the NFL’s primary apparel contract, giving it domain over the look and feel of all 32 NFL teams. A change over to any brand will instantly change the league’s on-field image.

So in saying this is a makeover, don’t expect each team to come out looking outlandish. Most, in fact won’t change. But Nike isn’t out to make uniforms that look exactly like Reebok, something to which the NFL brass has already alluded.

“You are going to see a different quality in the products,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday during a media event to unveil a new NFL pop-up retail store in Manhattan. “They are more performance related, particularly the jerseys, which will be launched tomorrow, and of course, style.” – Read full Article

Jets Gear is availabe now on NFL Shop, Today at 11, the New Jerseys will be Unveiled

What’s going to change?

A few details: All 32 teams will use Nike’s “Speed Machine” template, which was used on several college football programs. They’re 30 percent lighter when dry and 50 percent lighter when wet. For teams like the Lions, whose pants once bore a metallic sheen, the pants will now appear more dull under Nike’s design.

“What will be different is the technology behind the uniform,” O’Neill told lead writer Tim Twentyman. “You’ll see a lot more of the fabrics and the lines and the makeup that you see in quite frankly a lot of major college programs. That’ll be the big change for us out of the gate.”