Woody Johnson won’t rule out the Jets appearing on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

Woody Johnson won’t rule out the Jets appearing on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

Woody Johnson is helping open up the new NFL Pop-up Shop today and some Jets media got to speak with the Jets owner.  One subject that came up was if the Jets were open to the idea of appearing on HBO’s Hard Knocks, the reality series that follows the team during training camp.

The Jets did the show in 2010, but with the addition of Tim Tebow and a guaranteed quarterback constroversy with Mark Sanchez, the Jets would make for great TV ratings.

“I have heard that, but we have yet to receive a formal invitation,” Johnson said. “When we do, we will take a look at it.”
Does that mean the Jets have had informal discussions with HBO?
“Yeah but… nothing…,” Johnson said, stopping himself to explain: “It’s a formal invitation that we can respond to, not an informal (one).”
Johnson said the team participating in the show in 2010, when the Jets went on to reach the AFC Championship Game, brought “tremendous value.” Fans across the country had the chance to get to know the Jets, he said, and and the feedback was only positive. Asked if there was a downside, he said that’s something the organization would discuss if it got the invitation.
The Jets would consider it again, he said.
“It’s something we would take a look at with Mike, and the coach, and (director of media relations) Bruce (Speight), and I and others that we think would add value to that discussion, to see whether it is something we want to do,” he said.

BrianCoz Woody Johnson won’t rule out the Jets appearing on “Hard Knocks” this yearm Says no “formal” invitation has been made by HBO. #nyj 4/2/12 11:02 AM
BrianCoz Woody Johnson said there were a lot of positives about “Hard Knocks” felt the fans really got to know the team. #nyj 4/2/12 11:04 AM

My Take – Erik Manassy

So having the Jets appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks again, do you really think this is a good idea? Speaking as a pure Jets fan who can’t get enough of my Jets, of course this is a GREAT idea. The inside look of the team during training camp is amazing. You get to see story lines of players that normally don’t get the coverage. There are underdog stories as well as big topics, and you know that the Tebow/Sanchez storyline will be the biggest.

The ratings will be amazing, but you have to wonder does this take away from the bottom line, and that is winning a super bowl. Some will contest that Johnson thinks the bottom line is in dollars and exposure, but this is a team that is so super bowl starved and being showed up by the Giants year after year, that there should only be one focus, the ring.

I know you have heard this argument over and over, but why do you think the Patriots and Giants keep winning?  They close their doors and limit their exposure.  There are gag orders on their players and the players really don’t tweet.  As a blogger, I would hate covering that team, but this isn’t about getting hits on my blog.

Ultimately, I wonder if the open policy is silently killing the Jets off.  Everyone wants a piece of the Jets, and so more than ever now that the most popular team is on the Jets, Tim Tebow, but when does the distractions stop.  If players are focused on the outward appearance, when do they get to focus on their team chemistry, especially after a season that ended in a feud concerning major players.