McNabb Tells Tim Tebow no one cares about his activites during the offseason

McNabb Tells Tim Tebow no one cares about his activites during the offseason

Free agent and apparently disgruntled QB/human being Donavan McNabb took a shot at Tim Tebow yesterday on ESPN’s 1st take because of his tweets to Jets fans.

“Let it go. At some point let’s focus on getting into camp and learning a new offense,” McNabb said. “There’s no need to keep trying to have the fans behind you.

“Every time that we look up there’s something. He’s reaching out to fans, telling them ‘I love you, I’m working hard.’ As an NFL player, and as a veteran in this game, no one cares what you’re doing during the offseason,” McNabb continued. “They only care about what you do on the football field. This is why a lot of people in the Denver Broncos locker room had an issue [with Tebow].”

I love the part that Donvan tells him to let it go and focus on getting into camp.  You won’t find a more focused person than this guy Mr. McNabb.  I think this has less to do about the tweets and more about the fact that he believes he’s the most criticized QB in the world coupled with that he’s probably sick of hearing about Tebow-mania.

Donavan also says no one cares what you/re doing during the off season.   Let’s clarify:  No one cares what YOU are doing Donavon, but trust me, everyone wants to know what Tim is doing.  I never heard of Donvan-mania, or Donaving.  Don’t be jealous, ok?

Regardless of the reason, you come across VERY VERY bad Donavan.  Putting aside my fandom for the Jets, as I look at this, you still look very bad and disgruntled.  I really hope you don’t plan a career in the booth.  You seem to have a chip on your shoulder and focus on minutia.  If you were really paying attention, Tim HARDLY tweets.  Take a look at his timeline, but what is wrong with addressing his new fan base and saying goodbye to his old one?  Nothing.  You are looking for something that isn’t’ there.  Let it go.

I do however want to thank you.  See, you just fueled Tim as he takes your words to make himself better.

  • Mcclendon4210

    Bitter r we mcnabb

  • smithy

    Wow, you said exactly what I was thinking.  He came across very jealous and petty.  I couldn’t believe his agent or manager or whoever his handler is allowed him to say those things.  Skip Bayless knows this and gave him that platform to express his opinions because it made good television.