Tebow Tweets and Fireman Ed and Jets Twit have a misunderstanding

Tebow Tweets and Fireman Ed and Jets Twit have a misunderstanding

By now you have heard the term “circus” to describe the atmosphere of the New York Jets since Tim Tebow has been traded and joined Gang Green.  Many people are wondering how this is going to work with Tim and Mark on the same team.  Tim’s role is so unknown, but whatever it is going to be, the player tweeted to Jets Nation and Fireman Ed that he will play his heart out:

TimTebow Fireman Ed and the rest of Jets nation, I’m gonna play my heart out for you. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! 3/29/12 8:12 PM

Now that Tim Tebow is here, let’s just say our world as fans has been turned upside down.  Tim’s simple tweet caused reaction, which had a dominoe affect where Fireman Ed and I had a conversation in which I had to convince him that I wasn’t hating on him.  Huh?  Let me explain.

So as I stated, Tim put out a series of tweets including the one above specifically to Fireman Ed.  Tim didn’t use Ed’s twitter name, but the super fan saw the tweet and responded:

FiremanEd42 @TimTebow Welcome to #jetnation! I know you will and look forward to seeing you in green and white! Go Jets! 3/29/12 8:37 PM

Many people saw Ed’s tweet including Jets beat writer Bart Hubbuch who then put out a tweet basically calling Fireman Ed’s popularity out amongst Jets fans:

NYPost_Hubbuch How long before Jets Nation brings Tebow up to speed on Fireman Ed’s true (lack of) popularity? 3/29/12 9:10 PM

I saw it pop into my timeline and thought, huh, why always the hate towards Ed.  I understand that not everyone is on board with Ed, but still, why would a beat writer fuel the fire.  Wait, and why is the sky blue?  Ok so I tweeted this:

e_man@NYPost_Hubbuch: How long before Jets Nation brings Tebow up to speed on Fireman Ed’s true (lack of) popularity?” > really? 3/29/12 9:11 PM

Now if you look closely, I simply ReTweeted Bart’s message and added “Really?”.  I meant it as, really (are you serious) and of course if you could hear me, my tone would be condescending.   Now Ed read it as, really!, as in I agree with Bart and he thought I was hating on him as well, to which I received this tweet:

FiremanEd42 @e_man Why the hate?What happened? 3/29/12 9:28 PM

My first reaction was, hey cool, I didn’t know FIreman Ed followed me, and he just tweeted me!  Then it quickly shifted to:  Uh oh.  I knew he read it the wrong way and before I could tweet back, a fellow Jet fan came to my defense to explain the misunderstanding:

Gscott1847 @FiremanEd42 It isn’t @e_man but this guy: https://t.co/Tu7iqrjJ 3/29/12 9:31 PM
e_man “@FiremanEd42:  NO HATE from me. I RT’d Bart and asked Really? As in NO WAY. U the Man Ed. 3/29/12 9:33 PM
FiremanEd42 @Gscott1847 @e_man That makes more sense! #NYPOST_HUBB #JET HATERS 3/29/12 9:35 PM
e_man @Gscott1847 thx buddy 3/29/12 9:38 PM
Gscott1847 @e_man no problemo Erik! Needed to clear things up so us #Jets fans don’t get divided! 3/29/12 9:44 PM
e_man @Gscott1847 yeah no kidding… I was like, whoaaaa… not me. hahahaha 3/29/12 9:45 PM
FiremanEd42 @Gscott1847 Thank you my brother! GO JETS! 3/29/12 9:46 PM

Ok so that was cleared up, and then to my surprise Fireman Ed tweeted this:

FiremanEd42 @e_man Thanks! Great job on your blog! GO JETS! 3/29/12 9:37 PM
e_man “@FiremanEd42:  Thanks Ed.. BTW I sit behind u in 124. ;) Go Jets! 3/29/12 9:37 PM

It took that series of tweets to find out that Fireman Ed reads my blog and as you know I have two twitter accounts, @e_man and @JetsTwit .  Ed was follwoing me on @e_man, but I shortly received a follow to @jetstwit .

Fireman Ed and I sit in the same Section 124 (Pre-season 2010)

I wanted to share how a simple interaction with a Jets celebrity can take place with no intention to get a follow.  I encourage you to participate and talk if you prefer to sit back and just read tweets.  I started with a handful of followers just like you and slowing grew my following to 4K on each account because of interactions such as this.  Get out there and talk!   As they say, get in the game!  Who knows, maybe one day if it hasn’t happen already, you will get a follow from your favorite Jet!