Mark Sanchez working hard; shares training videos on twitter

Mark Sanchez working hard; shares training videos on twitter

Remember MR. Anonymous? Yeah, that guy who said that Mark Sanchez was a lazy guy who didn’t like to work out and put the time it takes to be an NFL QB. Yeah…

Um. I never bought that, but anyway, here is a video that emerged online of Mark working out with his trainer Todd Norman from Cutting Edge Sports Training, based out of Orange Country, California.

“I’ve trained with Todd Norman at Cutting Edge Sports Training for several years and his training methods greatly enhanced my athletic performance. Under his direction, I have maximized my foot speed, balance, core strength, and overall physical conditioning. Without a doubt, training with Todd has substantially contributed to my collegiate success and progression into an NFL quarterback. I highly recommend his training system to any athlete or team looking to train smart, maximize athletic performance, and gain an edge on the competition.”

-Mark Sanchez, QB, USC /New York Jets/ 5th Overall Selection, 2009 NFL Draft

Mark_Sanchez “Kaizen” philosophy every day 3/29/12 11:57 AM
Todd_Norman Check out this core stability exercise I did with @Mark_Sanchez today #workinghard! 3/27/12 8:18


  • new rushfit

    He is looking great and inshape.

    • Erik Manassy

      It appears he’s doing the right things to get ready for the season.. Low profile and grinding in the gym.