The Jets have 10 Picks going into the 2012 NFL Draft

The Jets have 10 Picks going into the 2012 NFL Draft

The Jets were awarded four compensatory picks yesterday which brings their grand total of draft picks for the 2012 NFL draft to 10.  The Jets lost Drew Coleman, Braylon Edwards, Shaun Ellis, Brad Smith and Steve Weatherford in free agency last year, and did not sign any outside free agents that counted against their tally.

JennyVrentas Trying again: Jets have TEN 2012 draft picks: 1(No. 16 overall), 2(47), 3(77), 5(154), 6(187, 202, 203), 7(231, 242, 244). #nyj 3/27/12 9:47 AM

First round: No. 16 overall
Second round: No. 47
Third round: No. 77
Fifth round: No. 154
Sixth round: Nos. 187 (from Philadelphia through Indianapolis), 202 (compensatory), 203 (compensatory)
Seventh round: Nos. 232 (from Denver), 242 (compensatory), 244 (compensatory)

The picks are clearly backloaded, with six of the 10 in the last two rounds. But for those figuring out how the Jets can package picks to move up, remember that compensatory picks — awarded for net losses in free agency the previous year — cannot be traded. - Read More

If the Jets are planning to move up to make a splash in the draft, I personally think they can do one at 16, then they would have to package the picks that are not the compensatory ones.  They would only have low round picks left if they were to do that and with many needs in my opinion, I’m not sure I would give up any picks.  I would use all 10 to make my team better starting with an offensive lineman at 16.

If the Jets were to move up, I could only see them getting the best running back as they are going to be more committed than ever to the ground and pound and I don’t believe that Greene will be shouldering the load by himself.  Yes the Jets will use Tim Tebow in the wildcat but the Jets must commit to the run game and make sure their depth chart is strong.

Selecting a WR or any other position on offense other than OL would be silly in my mind.  The Jets are also rumored to go after a pass rusher at 16.  I think selecting a safety at 16 would be a waste knowing that there can be great value found in later rounds.