Rex Ryan’s Tweets from @TheJetStream at the NFL Owners Meeting

Rex Ryan’s Tweets from @TheJetStream at the NFL Owners Meeting

The New York Jets media met up with Rex Ryan at the NFL Owners meeting this morning and they have been live tweeting the interview and have some interesting clips from the head coach.


TheJetsStream Rex Ryan is headed to South Carolina Pro Day later today. #nfl 3/27/12 8:24 AM

TheJetsStream: Guess who I'm sitting next to this morning at NFL owners meeting? Guy looks familiar.

TheJetsStream Rex Ryan on holding pres conference for Tebow: “We were going to get criticized one way or another.” #nfl 3/27/12 7:16 AM

I agree with Rex.  I said that the Jets will be damned if they do and and damned if they don’t so why not have one for Tebow.  The only thing that was a little weird was that none of the coaches or brass were there with Tim.  Tebow had to introduce himself at his own presser.  Tim was a little nervous and when asked why they are having this presser, Tim said “Hey, I have bosses too!”  NICE.

TheJetsStream Could Tim Tebow really have as many as 20 wildcat snaps in game? Rex: “I’m absolutely putting it out there.” #nfl 3/27/12 7:22 AM
TheJetsStream Rex Ryan: “I think the wildcat is alive and well.” #nfl 3/27/12 7:23 AM

Ok, so Rex is putting it out there.  We have no idea how this will play out whether Tim will play QB or another position at 20 positions.  It’s kind of hard to speculate until we see then in mini-camp and practice when they start taking reps.

TheJetsStream Rex on how Sanchez will feel having Tebow in for so many wildcat snaps: “Mark will be okay with it if we win.” #nfl 3/27/12 7:24 AM

Mark has no choice in my opinion.  Whether they win or lose, Mark will have to do what the coaches want JUST as Tim Tebow will have to like the role the Jets give him whether it’s under center or lined up in slot or etc…

TheJetsStream Rex: “I think Hard Knocks (was) good 4 our tm when I look back on it.” Does he want to do it again? “I guess I need time to think about it” 3/27/12 7:32 AM

As much as I loved Hard Knocks for the Jets, I will put this in simple terms:  NO

TheJetsStream Rex Ryan: “I feel like we’ve been pushed in a corner. We’re going to come out swinging. I hope we don’t hit each other like we did last yr” 3/27/12 7:35 AM

This is an interesting comment, but I disagree with Rex with respect.  The Jets weren’t pushed in the corner, you guys walked into it and sat down.  I’m glad you brought in Tim, but you are in the corner because of your own decisions as an organization.

TheJetsStream Rex Ryan on why Sanchez wasn’t consulted before Tebow trade: “Mark’s job is to play QB… Not to be the general manager.” #nfl 3/27/12 7:41 AM
TheJetsStream Rex Ryan: “Tim Tebow is a good football player. Mark Sanchez is a good quarterback.” #nfl 3/27/12 7:42 AM

Ouch.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t other key personnel on other teams have a “say” on the future of the organization.  I’m not saying that Mark has earned that right, but when they are bringing in a person that will affect your job directly, don’t you think a conversation would be the decent thing to do.  Maybe I’m reading into this too much, but it appears that Mark might be in trouble and the Jets brass and coaches don’t have as much confidence in their QB as some believe.  As this tale keeps unfolding, it appears that Mark will have to battle for his life this season.

Mark Sanchez is only a “good” quarterback.  Ouch.

TheJetsStream: Rex Ryan chats with AlbertBreer

TheJetsStream Would the Jets have signed Sanchez to extension if Tebow was already on roster? Rex: “Absolutely.” #nfl 3/27/12 7:54 AM
TheJetsStream Rex Ryan on Mark Sanchez: “We’re hitching our wagon to him.” #nfl 3/27/12 7:55 AM
TheJetsStream Rex Ryan: “I feel better about our QB situation than I have since I’ve been here.” #nfl 3/27/12 8:00 AM
TheJetsStream Rex Ryan jokes that Greg McElroy is still in his “doghouse” after comments about toxic locker room. I think he was joking, at least. #nfl 3/27/12 8:01 AM

I know they are saying that Mark is their guy, but when Rex says he feels “better” about our QB situation since he’s been there, what does he mean?  He feels better now that Tebow is there?  He feels better because Mark is going to improve or he has seen the improvement? My only comment on Greg is that he’ll learn the hard way, and he has been, to keep quiet until you’ve earned the right to speak.  Shhhhhhh.

TheJetsStream Rex Ryan says Jets may add a WR in the draft. On Braylon Edwards: “I always thought Braylon was a tremendous worker…” #nfl 3/27/12 8:10 AM

I would like to see Braylon come back.  I’m concerned about our current WR depth.  I hope we draft a WR AND bring back Braylon Edwards.

TheJetsStream Rex on right tackle sport: “Wayne (Hunter)is our starter right now.” Says “we’ll see” when asked if it’s open competition with Vlad Ducasse” 3/27/12 8:13 AM
TheJetsStream Rex Ryan says there were times that Wayne Hunter was “brilliant” last year, but admits he needs to be more consistent. #nfl 3/27/12 8:17 AM

Brilliant?  What time was Wayne Hunter brilliant Rex?