Why all this media attention? Tim Tebow isn’t really a backup quarterback

Why all this media attention?  Tim Tebow isn’t really a backup quarterback

So there is great debate on WHY a backup quarterback is getting this much attention in the NFL.  You do get that he’s the most popular player in the NFL, right?  The Jets say he’s the number two backup quarterback behind Mark Sanchez,  but also have admitted that he will play up to 20 plays.  Rex Ryan came out with that over the weekend.  Many people are up in arms saying a backup should not get this attention.

Let me break it to you gently.  This guy is NO backup.  The Jets are calling him that, but trust me on this one, he’ll be more involved than holding a clip board.

TheJetsStream Tim Tebow press conference at Jets’ facility at 12pm ET. It will be streamed live on team’s official website and live on several TV outlets 3/26/12 9:22 AM

I’ll say it again.  He’s Tim Tebow, the most popular NFL player currently and he’s on the Jets.  Call it a publicity stunt, call it marketing, call it what you will, but you know that he’s a more than a backup QB, right?

The Jets would be criticized if they didn’t have a press conference.  They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, so they decided to go with “give some fans what they want”.  There are other fans that hate this attention.  Just when you thought the Jets were going to have a quiet off season, they pulled this Tebow move.  The Jets will always be the Jets and that is to make a splash and try to get better.

RichCimini Some scene from Tebow presser at #Jets facility: 11 TV trucks outside, 80 chairs set up for media in field house. 3/26/12 10:32 AM
RichCimini Tebow will be on raised platform in one of end zones. In distance he will see mural of Joe Namath, who has publicly ripped the trade. #Jets 3/26/12 10:36 AM
RichCimini Signs in #Jets facility refer to this as “availability,” not a news conference. This will be biggest news conf that isn’t a news conf. 3/26/12 10:34 AM

Kristian Dyer has been tweeting pictures of the zoo at Florham Park this morning where the big top is expected to open up at 12:00PM today.

KristianRDyer A dozen TV cameras here so far, a shot of the #Tebow press conference set-up. 3/26/12 10:16 AM