Hey anonymous Jets player, you should turn in your playbook!

Hey anonymous Jets player, you should turn in your playbook!

Here we go again with the anonymous Jets players.  First let me say:  STOP.  Second, I wish you would grow a pair.  So there are several Jets who are upset that Tim Tebow, the backup quarterback is getting a press conference.  Really?  This is what you are worried about?  Remember the phrase “Play Like a Jet”?  You clearly have no clue what that means and should turn in your playbook.  There is no room on the Jets for you.

“All of the attention on Tebow has some Jets shaking their heads,” Costello writes. “Several current Jets, who spoke with The Post on Saturday, asked not to be quoted but expressed disbelief at the team bringing in Tebow. The idea of a backup quarterback having a press conference is something they can’t wrap their heads around, and they know it’s just the beginning.”

Let me be the first to tell you that he is one of the most popular NFL players currently in the league, if not the most popular.  Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets are calling him “the backup quarterback” NOW, but let’s be clear, Tim has no intention to let that stay that way.

Tim is the most popular backup QB in NFL History

Throughout Tim’s life he was told he’s no quarterback, he’ll never be a winner, and all his life all he has done was use those words to fuel him to defy all odds.  He did it in high school, college, and last year in the pros.  What makes you think he’s going to stop because you don’t want him to have attention as a backup quarterback.

Not only will he be the lighting rod for this team this year, he’ll take all the attention off of you, the anonymous player.  Get used to it.  I personally would take it as a blessing.  The pressure is off of you and clearly on Mark, Tim and the front office to prove to the world that this wasn’t a mistake.  I understand now why these anonymous players are annoyned.  Their egos are too large for their britches.

One can say that this over-saturation of the name Tim Tebow is too much just a couple of days in, but it is only going to get worse.  I am more annoyed with hearing about “anonymous” so called Jets players than I am about the polarizing coverage of Tim.   Hey anonymous, you come across as a big baby who is throwing a tantrum and not getting your way.  Stop it already.

I’m not telling you to like it.  I’m simply saying keep it in house or keep it to yourself and let your playing do the talking for you.  You now live in a circus.  Complaining about it and talking to the press anonymously won’t help anything.  It will only invite more chaos in.  Do your job, take care of your business and keep your business in-house.  If you can follow that simple rule, it will go a long way to making the Jets look unified.  If you cannot keep your mouth shut, I wish you would turn in your playbook and go to the arena league.

  • Anonymous

    You nailed it.

  • Sandi667

    this is a great write up Erik!!  You really told it like it is!!

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      Thanks, yeah, I’m sick of it frankly.