What are the New York Jets doing to their Quarterbacks?

What are the New York Jets doing to their Quarterbacks?

Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez.  What are the Jets doing with their quarterback position?  This is one position that has been a roller coaster for many years.  Chad Pennington, Brett Favre, Mark Sanchez and now Tim Tebow.  Just when the Jets seem to have stability with some kinks to work out, they like to stir the pot completely.

The Jets have made significant moves regarding their QB position this offseason:

If I’m on the outside looking in at this activity, I would say that the Jets front office have no confidence or are very worried about the future play of Mark Sanchez.  If they clearly believe that Mark is their starting quarterback and is the “SANCHIZE”, do you really need to do some of those moves above?


Is Mark Frustrated?

The Jets keep saying that Mark is their guy but I’m going to be honest.  I don’t believe ANYTHING that they say.  I’m not trying to be a jerk and say that in a negative way, but they keep proving that what they say and what they do are complete opposites.  Don’t think so?  Go talk to Drew Stanton who by the way must be pretty pissed and wants a trade or to be released because he hasn’t even been a Jet more than one week.

Stanton Should be Pissed, but that's the Nature of the Business!

It seems like the Jets are shooting from the hip as well.  As soon as they hear someone is available  for QB, it seems they throw away the plan and shift gears on a dime.  If they break ties with Drew Stanton, the signing bonus they paid him ($500,000.00) will be a loss and count towards this years cap.  That is one careless way to handle Mr. Johnson’s money.  They paid 1/2 million for Drew Stanton to hang around for a couple of weeks if they do break ties with him.

The Jets keep saying they have confidence in Mark Sanchez and that he is their guy, but I’m starting to believe this isn’t the case.  The Jet fan base is not dumb.  We see this and if you thought the pressure on Mark was bad last year, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Do you really think Tim Tebow wants to be a number 2 backup?

He’s saying the right things now but he’s a competitor and if you read his book Through My Eyes (I’m reading it now because I want to know what a player on my team makes him tick) one major theme keeps coming out:  Tim never wanted to do anything but play quarterback.  His Mother and Tim left their home to live in a different district so he could start at QB for another High School.

The Jets fans keep talking about how they should play him at RB, TE, LB, Safety (take your pick), but if you look deep down into Tim’s soul, he wants to be a QB.  He’ll do whatever the Jets want him to do SHORT TERM, but make no mistake, I do not see Mark Sanchez as a starter and Tim Tebow the backup for long term.  Either Tim or Mark will move on from the Jets.  It may not be after this season or two, but I don’t see this happening for a long term solution.

Whoever gives the Jets the best chance to win is what I support.  Am I happy that Tim is a Jet?  Yes.  Am I happy that Mark is the starter?  Yes.  Tim is going to push Mark and we will see if he breaks or raises to the next level.  I think this is what the Jets are betting on as well.

Buckle up.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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