Number 15 says the Jets are going to the Super Bowl… NOT what you think!

Number 15 says the Jets are going to the Super Bowl… NOT what you think!

In the team’s 52-year history, the most distinguished Jet (or Titan) to wear No. 15 was Babe Parilli, a backup quarterback to Joe Namath.  We already knew this, but Tebow will wear the 15 Jersey with the Jets.  Babe was contacted about his thoughts on Tebow and here is what he told the New York Times.

“Well then, the Jets are going to the Super Bowl,” Parilli said Thursday from Denver. Parilli was traded from the Patriots in 1968 in time for the Jets to win Super Bowl III against the Baltimore Colts.

Parilli, who is in his early 80s, said that Tebow should be used by the Jets only in the red zone.

Talk about Gamble! These Jets fans had their Jersey's before Tebow was a Jet with the snag taking place.

“I thought it was a mistake that Denver got rid of Kyle Orton, because he moved the team down well inside the 20, and they could put Tebow in,” Parilli said. “I think the way Sanchez moves them, Tebow would fit in well. He can run the option and throw fades and quick screens. And they’re putting in the Wildcat.”

He added: “If they play Tebow right, he’ll be successful to an extent. But he’s not a starter.”

Whatever Tebow’s role, Parilli said: “New York fans will love that guy. He’s down to earth and genuine.”

It didn't take long to see Tebow in a Jets 15 Jersey. Bowman (Topps) put this card concept out on the Net.

“Weeb told me that Joe played harder as soon as I got there,” Parilli said, referring to Coach Weeb Ewbank. “One day he told me, ‘It doesn’t make any difference who’s in the game, Joe or you.’ And I said: ‘There’s something wrong with that. He’s making $400,000 and I’m making minimum wage.’ ”

Associated Press "Well then, the Jets are going to the Super Bowl," Babe Parilli said Thursday when he heard that Tim Tebow would wear No. 15.