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Marquice Cole addresses Jets fans on Twitter

Marquice Cole addresses Jets fans on Twitter

Marquice Cole becomes yet another former Jets player who goes north to join one of the most hated rival of gang green, the New England Patriots.  Some people were giving Cole a tough time because he picked the enemy, but “Quice” set the record straight.

quice I wasn’t resigned there’s no hard feelings and will always remember my time there…. 3/19/12 7:26 PM
quice I’d like to say thanks to the NY Jets and their fans….had an AMAZING time playing for an amazing organization and coach…. 3/19/12 7:25 PM
quice I’m now a New England Patriot and I will arrive in Foxboro with the passion and drive of a champion….Let’s Get It!!!!!! 3/19/12 7:28 PM

Let’s be clear.  He wasn’t resigned and he moved on.  A lot of Jets fans will not unfollow the player, and many have that philosophy but not me.  I like to see how former Jets take to the new fan base and see what they are up to with their new team.

quice Everybody that wish to “unfollow” me…feel free. I don’t hold twitter grudges. Do what u feel u need to do. I respect everybody’s choice :) 3/19/12 9:52 PM
jimleonhard @quice I’m considering un-following ex-teammates who now play for Pats. Wanted u to know your safe, cuz u say funny things. 3/19/12 10:12 PM
quice @jimleonhard thanks Jimathy! Hahaha 3/19/12 10:34 PM