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Jets have discussed a trade for Tim Tebow according to Schefter

Jets have discussed a trade for Tim Tebow according to Schefter

When Jets fans heard about Tim Tebow becoming available for a trade because of Peyton Manning landing on the Broncos, feelings were all over the board.  Of course the Sanchez haters would love Tim to come in to either push Mark or flat out replace him.

Others were thinking he would be perfect for Sparano’s wild cat offense.  And then there were some that think he could play just any position like free safety and kick returner.

I’ll be honest with you, having Tim Tebow on the Jets would be intriguing but with it would come a zoo.

Well when Adam Schefter OFFICIALLY tweeted that the Jets have been discussing a trade for Tebow, twitter went nuts, as always.

AdamSchefter Here’s one other team that has discussed trading for Tim Tebow, even if it is considered a longshot: the Jets. 3/20/12 2:37 PM
AdamSchefter Scratch SF from teams that could trade for Tim Tebow, add Miami. Candidates currently include JAX, GB, MIA, maybe more. A trade will happen. 3/20/12 2:14 PM

During the Mike Tanenbaum conference, the media asked Trader Mike about Tim:

rodboone Mike Tannenbaum won’t comment on you know who: “Tim Tebow is a player under contract to another team.” #Jets 3/20/12 3:03 PM
RichCimini Tanny wouldn’t touch a Tebow question; under contract. 3/20/12 3:04 PM
TheJetsStream GM Mike Tannenbaum doesn’t shed much light on Jets’ interest in Tebow: “Tim Tebow is a player under contract to another team.” #nfl 3/20/12 3:04 PM
  • Mypost

    hey douchebag.
    You shouldnt refer to an African American as a monkey.  You seem like an intellegent person. Use some common sense!

    • Britjheaton

      Umm I’m pretty sure he was referring to Landrys pet monkey. Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions! SMH

      • http://twitter.com/jetstwit JetsTwit

        Wow oh wow.  I didn’t even think of that till he brought it up.  Jeeeeez, like I’m that dumb.  SIGH.

    • http://twitter.com/jetstwit JetsTwit

      Um, I was referring to Mr. Landry’s pet Monkey.  Wow.

    • http://twitter.com/JohnnyDaMan Jonathan Gallo

      He’s referring to the pet monkey as a monkey….lol

  • Feelz

    I hate the Wild Cat, I hate Tim Tebow.  Keep draft picks, add depth and add speed on offense and defense.  The offense is already shaky and has too many ego’s.  It will only do more harm then good.  No more distractions!  JETS FOOTBALL!

  • Eisbaer

    Tim Tebow will be the last straw. If the Jets are dumb enough to sign Tebow, I will become the NYC metropolitan area’s biggest Patriots fan.