New York Jets sign Safety LaRon Landry to 1-year $4 Million Deal

New York Jets sign Safety LaRon Landry to 1-year $4 Million Deal

I just happened to be staring at my twitter timeline JUST as the tweet from Michael Lombardi hit and I did a double take:

michaelombardi Robert Gallery to the Raiders Laron Landry to the Jets 3/19/12 3:05 PM

It was a weird tweet, one it was a mistake, but I was hoping that it wasn’t the Jets that made it:

michaelombardi Robert Gallery to the Patriots, I typed wrong….. 3/19/12 3:11 PM
michaelombardi So to recap correctly, Laron Landry has agreed to a contract with the NY Jets and the Pats have agreed with offensive lineman Robert Gallery 3/19/12 3:07 PM

My Take – Erik Manassy

I think this move will calm down some anxious Jets fans.  It also says a lot that Landry really wanted to be a Jet as he was scheduled to visit more teams after the Jets but left with a contract.  Very smart of the Jets not to let him leave without signing.

So the concern is that Laron Landry has ended both season with an Achilles injury and opted both times to rehab without surgery. The Jets agree to a 1-year deal for $4 Million dollars. I think that is a bargain considering he was a number one draft pick. The high risk and high reward is in play here. Think about how many number one draft picks they now have in their secondary? 4. Revis, Cromartie, Wilson and now Landry.

TurnOnTheJets #Jets will now have four first round picks in their secondary: @MrLandry30 @ACromartie @Revis24 @KWilson20 3/19/12 3:21 PM

I like it Jets, but as I stated prior, they still need to draft a safety.  I perosnally don’t think it should be at 16 as there will be value in lower rounds.