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Jets Cromartie likes to wear mulitiple hats, at least on twitter

Jets Cromartie likes to wear mulitiple hats, at least on twitter

Antonio Cromartie likes to wear many hats, at least on twitter.  The CB was filling in for recruiting duties for the Jets as he was campaining hard for Reggie Nelson, the Safety from the Bengals, to sign with the Jets.  That failed as Reggie used the Jets to get a four year deal with the Bengals.

While we were waiting for an answer, Cro was chiming in about what Jets fans should do.

Ater Cro admitted he should have tried harder, he put on his GM hat to move himself over to the Free Saftey position the Jets currently have a gap in the secondary.  His plan was to move Wilson into starting corner to replace his move.

ACromartie Sorry guys i guess i didnt recruit hard enough. 3/18/12 7:19 PM

Now I’m sure he was serious about all these suggestions, and it was fun to imagine especially on a slow Jet news Sunday, but Cro, let’s focus on playing one position.

ACromartie I guess I’m moving to FS 3/18/12 7:03 PM
ACromartie The reason I say I’m moving to FS is because Kyle is becoming a good corner and I don’t mind the move 3/18/12 7:35 PM

My brother and I spoke about these tweets on the Jets Twit Podcast last night and we were reacting live as he was tweeting.