Mark Sanchez is Officially out of Hibernation

Mark Sanchez is Officially out of Hibernation

Mark Sanchez is officially out of hibernation.  Now that he signed his extension last Friday, it seems Mark is back on his radio circuit as well as being seen at charity events.  Mark was on the Michael Kay show yesterday where he spoke extensively about the rift between Holmes and himself.  I hope this is the END of this topic once and for all!

Mark Sanchez preferred not to divulge all the specifics of his reconciliation with Santonio Holmes.
The Jets quarterback said simply that he and his No. 1 receiver met in Orlando, Fla., a “few weeks ago.” No other players were involved. Most importantly, it was a “productive meeting.”

“I underachieved,” Sanchez said. “There are some things I could have handled better with him and our communication.”

“People are going to take that the way they want to, that’s fine,” Sanchez said. “But we’ve had a good talk. I think that’s all in the past, and I’m really not thinking about it too much. It seems like ancient history after we’ve talked.”

“No matter what you say, whether I come back to try to defend myself or not, it doesn’t matter,” he said. “Unless you go win games. That’s the ultimate goal, that’s the ultimate defense, is just winning games. Go win games next year, and play well, and this is all a distant memory and a great lesson.”

Mark was then seen out later that night:

nyjets Mark Sanchez Hands Out Medals at Randall’s Island Sports Foundation Event 3/15/12 10:12 PM


JeaneCoakley Congrats to @Mark_Sanchez for being honored at the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation Gala. Hear from him 2nite at 3/15/12 8:10 PM