Cromartie BUSY on Twitter by Advocating for Reggie Nelson and other Tweets

Cromartie BUSY on Twitter by Advocating for Reggie Nelson and other Tweets

Cornerback Anotonio Cromartie has been VERY active on twitter but not tweeting about what he’s eating, what t-shirts he’s wearing or even what games he’s playing on his iPhone.  Cro has been talking about the Jets, specifically players he wants to see on the Jets.  Cro has been making a case for safety Reggie Nelson hard core.

He also has been advocating to bring back Braylon Edwards and said online that it will make Mark “a lot comfortable”.  Very Interesting.

In addition to wanting to bring players in, he’s been defending Eric Smith who took some major heat with his play this past season.

Finally he also said goodbye to teammates that signed elsewhere.

Reggie Nelson

ACromartie Bring in @OfficialBraylon and @reggienelson83 and bring in another dlineman for depth like @trapj99. We more Vets in our locker room. we can draft a pass rusher 3/13/12 7:48 PM
OfficialBraylon @ACromartie thanks for the support fam. We’ll see what happens. 3/15/12 4:21 PM
ACromartie @OfficialBraylon fasho Bruh we need u back in green and white. Bring you back Mark will b a lot comfortable 3/15/12 4:24 PM

Cro has been defending Eric Smith online.  Cro states that if you don’t like Eric Smith then you are not a true Jets fan!  Wow.

Eric Smith

ACromartie So happy @reggieNelson83 is coming for a visit tmrw. He would be great with @ESmitty33 on the back end 3/15/12 4:01 PM
ACromartie @ESmitty33 is great safety for us he knows where everyone is suppose b and a vocal leader on the back in our secondary. So if you don’t like him then u not a true Jet fan because he play hurt all last year. Give respect when its do. 3/15/12 4:18 PM

Cro says goodbye to Brodney Pool:

ACromartie Congrats to Brodney Pool on his contract with the cowboys. Great teammate and player 3/15/12 11:37 AM
ACromartie Congrats to @nickfolk2 for resigning with us. Glad to have you back on the team 3/14/12 6:05 PM
ACromartie Congrats to Vincent Jackson on his new deal with the Bucs well deserve. 3/13/12 8:33 PM
lguilder @ACromartie you want laron on your side? 3/14/12 6:08 PM
ACromartie @lguilder honestly no I think Reggie Nelson is a better fit for our defense and how much we use our safeties to cover. 3/14/12 6:13 PM