Life is Good for Jets Sione Pouha

Life is Good for Jets Sione Pouha

It’s been a great week for Sione Pouha.  First he signed a big deal to remain with the New York Jets.  Second, If you read his twitter line, especially his replies, there are many people who are happy he has resigned with the team, and Sione is making sure to thank everyone.  Sione is well respected in the Jets locker room and he’s a leader the Jets couldn’t afford to lose.

Sione also comes across as the ultimate family man.   His wife tweets a ton of family pictures and you can usually see Sione with his kids, or in the kitchen cooking food for them.  Sione also put out a tweet yesterday stating that it was his anniversary.

Pouha91 Me and @MrsPouha Celebrating our 9 year anniversary and forever more. Love you babe. 3/14/12 9:56 PM
smcknight21 @Pouha91 @MrsPouha congrats on the anniversary and on the new contract! 3/14/12 10:29 PM
Pouha91 @smcknight21 thanks bro, hope all is well 3/15/12 3:32 AM
MrsPouha Thank you everyone for your congrats on our anniversary and on us staying with the Jets! God is good always! Blessed & thankful!! 3/15/12 3:27 AM


RayLucas06 I know were in free agency right now, but I am very happy about one thing signing of the anchor of defense sione pouha!!!!! 3/14/12 10:20 PM
Pouha91 @RayLucas06 thanks for the props bro. 3/15/12 3:33 AM

Packing Lunches?