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Holmes Tweets Sanchez, are the two friends again?

Holmes Tweets Sanchez, are the two friends again?

Are you buying it?  Is Santonio really happy for Mark Sanchez or is this Santonio continuing to do his damage control so all involved can put this behind them.  The more the two keep to themselves, even if you believe they are talking, will keep the chatter alive until the season starts and you get to see how Mark and Santonio will act together in public (the field).

Mark stated during his contract extension phone call that he had been in contact with Holmes and everything is “cool”.

“We’ve been in contact really this whole offseason, and I think a bigger deal was made out of that than needed to be. But that’s okay. With neither of us commenting on it, I think it got bigger. We’ve kind of laughed that off at this point now, weeks ago, but I’ve been down to see him, and I’ll get into more of that stuff (later).”

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