Mark Sanchez’ Extension with the Jets and MY Reaction (live audio)

Mark Sanchez’ Extension with the Jets and MY Reaction (live audio)

The New York Jets pulled a quick press conference late Friday night.  Rumors started floating on twitter that a 10:15pm conference call was being held with the press only by conference call.  I confirmed with my source that a call was made and the Jets would not give ANY INFORMATION to what it was about.

Late as usual, the call kicked off 10 minutes late and the speculation of what it could be about ended with the first tweet:

nyjets #RL Tannenbaum says Sanchez extension is a five-year deal. 3/9/12 10:35 PM

You can hear my reaction on my podcast as I hit the record button as I was scouring twitter and reading all the fast flying tweets to make sense.  You can hear a pause and silence from me as I was taking in what I just read.  Mark Sanchez just got a three year extension?

e_man Tannenbaum said the extension wasn’t about cap. Not buying it. It was that and a PR move to rally the team around Mark. #jets 3/10/12 7:45 AM

The deal includes $20.5 million in guarantees for 2012 and 2013 and $40.5 million in “new” money, bringing his total over five years to $58.25 million, according to sources. He can make an additional $10 million in escalators.

The $58.25 million gives Sanchez the seventh-highest financial package among NFL quarterbacks, sources told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.


My Take – Erik Manassy

So WOW!  That was unexpected.  The Jets killed two birds with one stone in my opinion.  They lowered the cap number by restructuring Mark’s contract and they sent a message to the world that Mark Sanchez IS the QB of the New York Jets and the Peyton Manning speculation is over.

We kind of knew that Manning wasn’t going to happen earlier in the day when word got out that Manning’s iternary on a trip to organizations didn’t include the New York Jets.  I’ve given my pros and cons of Manning to the Jets but ultimately I was leaning heavy towards not giving up on Mark Sanchez.

He’s had great success and is a proven winner his first two years when he has the talent and tools surrounding him.  When you take that security blanket away, you get what you had last year and frustrations bubble.  To put ALL the failures of last season on Mark however is silly.  Common sense says that the Jets now have to do their homework and the difficult part of the season begins by rebuilding the offensive line and fixing holes in the defenses and other positions such as WR.

Was it necessary to give Mark a huge extension?  No but if he struggles and doesn’t take us to the promised and in two years, the contract looks that they Jets can get out with minimal damage.

Mike Tannenbaum stated this had nothing to do with cap, but I’m not buying it.  This move helps bringing it down to $18 Mil under but the Jets still have work to do.

Did the conference call had to be called Friday night?  No, but I’m glad the Peyton Manning chasing is officially over.  Like I say before, now the Jets can get serious.

I love this team.