New York Jets Bloggers Prefer Mark Sanchez over Peyton Manning

New York Jets Bloggers Prefer Mark Sanchez over Peyton Manning

Twitter is a ton of fun.  No where can you get breaking news and immediate reaction pour in faster than you can handle.  Such was the case for news that Peyton Manning is going to be released last night around 6pm.  Once it broke, my twitter timeline became saturated with Peyton to the Jets talk.  This subject has been going on for a while, but BOY did someone stoke the fire.

It’s a HOT HOT HOT topic.

I have spoken at nauseam like everyone else about this subject and if you don’t know by stance on Peyton Manning to the Jets I’ll say it again.  NO, not a good idea.  You can listen to me rant about it here and here on my Jets Twit Podcast (brand new by the way, go listen please! ;)

One observation I have been making as I keep reading the tweets is that most of the Jets bloggers are on the side of keeping Sanchez and let Manning pursue other teams.

If you are a Jets blogger and I missed you, first I apologize…

Not even close!

The Jets Bloggers Tweets to Me

e_man Jets Bloggers: Who do u want, I’m taking a count, Peyton Manning or Mark Sanchez? 3/7/12 10:42 AM
e_man Just an observation, but I think all the Jets bloggers are leaning one way in this Peyton Manning to the #Jets.  Me included! 3/7/12 9:29 AM
Steiny31 @e_man Even though you didn’t ask, as a Jets blogger I’ll be happy to way in. #TeamSanchez. #enoughsaid lol ( 3/7/12 10:45 AM
D_wyatt13 @e_man Mark Sanchez, give him one more year in a new friendlier system. (Gang Green Nation) 3/7/12 10:45 AM
NYJTimmck Sanchez is 2-1 verse the colts in his career. I’ll take Sanchez all day. (TimMcK Blog) 3/7/12 10:45 AM
Want2Work4NYJ Checking in as a blogger from NYJOTP, THE SANCHIZZZZEEEEE!!!!! ( 3/7/12 10:48 AM
nyjoverthepond #6 gets my vote, bigger picture, address team needs first, QB not an issue #Jets ( 3/7/12 10:51 AM
NY_Jets101 @e_man @Nickspano I’m on #TeamSanchez ( 3/7/12 10:58 AM
NickSpano @e_man Sanchez. Can’t keep changing the culture every 3 years. Not how you run a stable, winning franchise. (Flopping Out) 3/7/12 10:59 AM
kristinereese @e_man Need to stay the course with Mark (The Green Room) 3/7/12 11:01 AM
TheJetReport @e_man In truth I want the Sanchez who lit up the Rose Bowl. Decisive and confident (The Jet Report) 3/7/12 11:02 AM
TRauch21 @e_man I am taking #6 and the cap space to improve the team…and a Campbell Garrard type to backup (The Jet Setter) 3/7/12 11:20 AM

So there you have it.  According to Gregg Rosenthal, he just called almost EVERY SINGLE JETS BLOGGER on this list DELUSIONAL.

greggrosenthal Jets fans wanting to stick with Sanchez instead of going after Peyton are delusional. 3/7/12 11:01 AM


  • ridewith6

    LOL shocker for the one manning vote