Jaws Says Sanchez “Would be Ok” with adding Manning and would not Demand a Trade

Jaws Says Sanchez “Would be Ok” with adding Manning and would not Demand a Trade

Let me start off by saying:  HOGWASH!

Kristian Dyer and Bart Hubbuch are in Atlantic City for the Maxwell Awards and both have been speaking with Archie Manning, the father of Peyton.  Normally I wouldn’t care about this subject ANY LONGER but Bart put out a tweet that Mark Sanchez would be ok with Peyton Manning on the team and would not demand a trade.  Hogwash.

NYPost_Hubbuch Ron Jaworski tells me the Jets “absolutely” should pursue Manning and shouldn’t worry whether Sanchez is affected or not. 3/2/12 12:37 PM
NYPost_Hubbuch Jaworski added that Sanchez would be OK with adding Manning and wouldn’t demand a trade. I strongly disagreed with him on that. 3/2/12 12:38 PM
KristianRDyer Archie said that over “the last couple years” Peyton has seen “four of the top neurosurgeons in America.” #NFL 3/2/12 1:02 PM
KristianRDyer Archie Manning on Peyton: “He certainly looks fine as far as throwing and velocity on the ball. He hasn’t had any setbacks throwing.” #NFL 3/2/12 12:43 PM

Manning holding court


My Take – Erik Manassy

I find it very hard to believe that Mark Sanchez would be ok with Peyton Manning joining the Jets AND the fact that we would not demand a trade.  Keep in mind this quote is coming from Ron Jaworski who says the Jets MUST “Absolutely” pursue Manning and not worry about the ill affects to Sanchez.

Um, ok Ron, I agree if the 1.  The Jets are looking for a short term solution where Peyton will play at most 2-3 years, and 2.  The Mark Sanchez Science Project is over.  Once you bring in Manning, Sanchez is gone whether that means he’s on the team or not.  You’ll never get him playing at a high level of play again, and worst, he’ll go to another team, have success and win a super bowl.  That would absolutely kill me.

Also, I’ll say it again.  If the Jets are going to “GROUND AND POUND” the ball, you don’t bring in Peyton Manning.  Sigh.  Can the media please stop this Manning talk.  Peyton will not be on the Jets.

  • Panda

    The Jets will be G&P with Sanchez. With Manning they wouldn’t be. Your offense changes if Peyton Manning is brought in. Since Sanchez has not restructured his contract yet I believe it is a CLEAR AS DAY sign that the Jets will pursue Manning when he becomes available. They will need more than the current $8M in cap room to get all of their holes filled, unless Manning is attained. Releasing/dealing Sanchez would free up an additional $9+M and if they don’t acquire Manning they’ll then need Sanchez to restructure to add talent around him. Manning can win with what the Jets currently have + another WR and S. Sanchez will need a hell of a lot more.

  • gmf1369

    Here something to think about, Tony Sparano had a strong rushing attack in Miami but never had a QB to orchestrate his total offense… Bring in someone like Peyton to T.S. rushing offense then as strong as the running game will be defenses will have to respect Manning and our passing game however limited it will be… With Sanchez at the helm, he won’t be as much in the passing attack and defenses will have much easier time coming in to stop the running game since that would be the focus…

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