Jets Interested in Ravens LB Jarret Johnson, Bart Scott’s Replacement?

Jets Interested in Ravens LB Jarret Johnson, Bart Scott’s Replacement?
TheJetsStream Bart Scott on his way out? Another Ravens LB may be on his way in. Sources tell me #Jets making play for Jarret Johnson 3/1/12 11:21 AM

The Daily News has learned that the Jets are interested in landing free agent outside linebacker Jarret Johnson, who played six seasons under Ryan in Baltimore. Johnson, who has spent the better part of his nine-year career in the shadows of stars like Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata, appears to be an ideal fit for the Jets’ scheme.

The Ravens have expressed their desire to re-sign Johnson. New Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, who was hired off the Ravens’ staff, may also be interested in adding Johnson to his defense.

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“I’ll tell you a guy that’s underrated is Jarret Johnson,” Ryan said in September. “I mean he’s had that label forever. We used to laugh about it. He’s always a ‘hard-working, blue-collar guy.’ Well, that’s what he is. He’s tougher than heck, and he’s a lot more talented than people give him credit for.”


My Take – Erik Manassy

I don’t know enough about Jarrett to say this would be a great move, but this I know. He was used in situations and not a starter with the Ravens. He’s 30 years old and I would assume that he has his legs under him and has a lot of football left.

Also, if Rex is saying that this guy is underrated and he loves this player, I can be on board with this. I do believe that no matter what is said in the press, Bart Scott’s days with the Jets are over and we need to get faster. If Jarrett can cover in open space as well as stop the run, I say this can be a good move.

  • Mo Brown #10

    He needs to make 1$ more than the 2nd highest corner . In a world where No Man is an Island, He is.

    • Erik Manassy

      I agree, but not 20 mil. There is a report from the post saying that Revis never requested that money. I think 14-15 mil is in the range.

  • Dan Richards

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Look at the Pats, for years they’ve had elite players (Brady, Moss, list goes on) absolutely NOT taking anywhere near top dollar, signing average-level salary-guaranteed contracts with some nice change in the bonus column. Guys could go elsewhere from the Pats or not go to the Pats in the first place and probably make 50% more, but the organization is viewed as elite and men wanted to go play for Belichick and possibly get one of those sweet as candy Superbowl rings. The Jets, no matter how much we wish it were, aren’t an elite organization yet. We haven’t gone to the big dance since we won it all with Namath. That’s a real fuckin long drought and it shows in some of the decisions people make regarding the club. We won’t even be able to sell out the new stadium. But that can change. The tools, the players, coaches, and everything else is in place for this team to become an elite organization with constant Playoff presence if things can keep on track. But people need to make sacrifices for success. We had to cut loose Leon and all the fine gentlemen who’ve wound up with Arizona, etc etc. Revis is the best corner in the game, no question, but that doesn’t mean $20M/yr. It’s ridiculous. Just to drive the point home, I’ll say it again: if the Jets want to be the elite organization we know they can be, the players and their agents have to start acting like it’s an elite club. A club that players aspire to playing for.

    • Erik Manassy

      Excellent point Dan. I totally agree with you. The good news is (and see the update in this post), it looks like Revis ISN’T looking for 20 Mil. He’s too smart of a guy to know that he would cripple the teams efforts to sign the other young stars.